Thursday, December 14, 2006

Al Caiola - Golden Hit Instrumentals

Along with Tommy Mottola, Al Caiola was the first choice New York session guitarist for three decades (visit Space Age Pop for a full bio). His sound was more towards the twangy, surf guitar style than Mottola, and can be heard to good effect on "Bonanza" and the quintessential surf-guitar instrumental, "Apache".

There is a lively good humour to this album, and Caiola's playing is consistently good, the right sound and the right phrasing for each track. My pick for the rest of the tracks is "Wonderland by Night", with some fat trumpet sounds by an artist who is, alas, unacknowledged on the album.

If only they shelled out a few more bucks for the cover art...

Al Caiola - Golden Hit Instrumentals

Al Caiola - Golden Hit Instrumentals

Mr Snookles