Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Burt Bacharach Bonanza

Mr Snookles is about to take a break for the holiday season, and so to finish the year with a bang we turn to the one and only Burt Bacharach. In the land of lounge he stands head and shoulders above the rest. This double LP of Burt conducting his own orchestra shows why he is the best of the best.

Also included is a jumbo-sized print quality scan of the centre picture, so you can have Burt on your wall as well as in your speakers. Alas the records were somewhat dilapidated, however they have been painstakingly hand-restored, and the overall quality is pretty good. The beginning of track 12 does show some audio artifacts as it was heavily scratched. After about 15 secs it comes good however, and is fine thereafter.

p.s. Thanks to Scott Soriano for his comments on copyright and the dreaded RIAA. you can find his words of wisdom in the comments for the "Mr Snookles Says" post

Rapidshare - 3 part archive - make sure you get all three.
Burt the First
Burt the Second
Burt the Third

Burt Bacharach Bonanza

Now you can Burt till you hurt...

See you in the New Year!
Mr Snookles