Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Polynesians - Hawaiian love Songs

For those lovers of Tiki music, Mr Snookles presents The Polynesians with their 1964 release, Hawaiian Love Songs. The number one spot for Tiki music, Kono Tiki Island, is back up and running after a recess of some months, and to celebrate Mr Snookles adds his one and only Tiki album to the listening public.

There is very little biographical info on The Polynesians on the net, and none whatsoever on the album cover. If anyone can provide some info, please leave a comment. The music itself is classic Tiki instrumentals, ukuleles, and slide guitars with a languid backing section completing the dreamy sound that makes this style of music so appealing.

On another note, Mr Snookles would like to thank the many people who have contributed to the discussion on the rights and wrongs of sharing music over the internet. Good to see a few strongly held opinions for and against. Particular thanks must go to Mr Anonymous, who compared Mr Snookles to Burke and Hare, two criminals from the 18th century who killed 15 or so persons so as to sell their bodies to doctors for medical research...

Alas the cover of this album has degraded badly over the years, and that Mona Lisa smile is overlayed with a patina of white flecks which looks uncannily like the sun reflecting off a deep blue Pacific ocean... The music itself has responded well to computer restoration techniques and is relatively scratch and crackle free.

The Polynesians - Hawaiian love Songs

The Polynesians - Hawaiian love Songs

Mr Snookles