Friday, December 08, 2006

This Is Hugo Montenegro

Today's post is a double LP from the king of the movie western sound track, Hugo Montenegro. There is an interesting collection of western themes with whistling, whip cracks and 'Yee Hars' in abundance. Also a good smattering of spy movie soundtracks - "Our Man Flint" with its daring touches of Moog is a standout. Finally a few arrangements of iconic sixties tracks such as :Good Vibrations" and "So Happy Together" round out the selection.

Hugo clearly enjoys finding exotic and unusual tone colours for his pieces. Ocarinas and Brazilian jungle flutes pop out from amongst the strings. In his own words - "I'm an experimenter in music. I am interested in enhancing the musical experience by utilizing dramatic effects."

Due to Rapidshare file size limitations this post is split into two sections. You will need to download both parts to unzip the file.
This is Hugo Montenegro part 1
This is Hugo Montenegro part 2

This is Hugo Montengro

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