Sunday, January 28, 2007

Enoch Light - Future Sound Shock

Hello chaps...Mr Snookles is back from his summer of indolence (southern hemisphere) and ready to start a new season of livin', lovin', and loungein' (is that a word?)

Today's offering is from the redoubtable Enoch Light. Enoch always had the best players around him, and it shows in the quality on this album. Enoch also had a flair for arrangement, and these tunes showcase his talents, and also bring out the best in the studio engineers. My personal favourite is 'Caravan', where the theme moves from a Persian-sounding oboe to electric sitar to muted trumpet, creating a delightful exotic atmosphere.

Enoch's use of changing timbres for his melodies ranks with the best of the classical orchestrators in my opinion - the sounds are always changing and evolving in a most satisfying manner. Add a healthy serve of bongos and latin percussion and you've got a great lounge listening experience. There is another version of this album floating around in the blogosphere, but the 128kps format doesn't really do justice to the sound. If you have the other album, I recommend you upgrade to the 320kbps version - you won't be disappointed.

Future Sound Shock

Future Sound Shock

Mr Snookles.