Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bacharach Baroque

Johann Sebastian Bacharach makes his debut on this record by the 18th Century Corporation. Ever wondered what "This Guy's In Love With You" sound's like when it's played on the Viola d'Amore? How about "Wishin and Hopin" played on harpsichord and baroque trumpet?

Then look no further. This tasty, albeit brief set of renditions of some of Burt's faves using a baroque chamber ensembles works surprisingly well, given such a gimmicky premise. The bass flute in particular stands out - its mellow timbre is well suited to that easy-listenin' sound.

First published in 1969, the album cover betrays the desire of those marketing types to attract the alternative culture to their brand of sound...No doubt the Garden of Eden described in the previous post would have looked much like this.

Bacharach Baroque
Bacharach Baroque

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