Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Klaus Wunderlich - Mr Hammond

If there is one sound that says "This is lounge" more than any other, it's the sound of the Hammond organ. And no-one knows the Hammond like Klaus Wunderlich. If there is a tone. a timbre, a nuance to be found in the Hammond, Klaus will find it. If I needed to provide a definition of Lounge music to some poor benighted soul who was ignorant of the genre, I think I would have to point them to Klaus and his chintzy rhythm group playing "A Walk In The Black Forest" and say - "This Is Lounge".

This double album contains a bumper collection of Wunderlich wonder. Its 24 tracks are a showcase of lounge classics, and each one shows a different aspect of Klaus' technique. Percussive chord vamps, swirling glissando, and of course those trademark key changes. So sit back and enjoy the one and only "Mr Hammond".

Klaus Wunderlich - Mr Hammond pt1
Klaus Wunderlich - Mr Hammond pt2
(make sure you get both parts)

Klaus Wunderlich - Mr Hammond

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