Monday, February 26, 2007

Sven Libaek - Grass - The Musical

And God said:
Let the Earth bring forth the grass
The grass was good
Good was the grass
And so there were heaven, earth, creatures, flowers, grass.
And God who is wise
Called it the Garden of Paradise.

Yes folks, the year is 1974, God is a hippie, and Sven Libaek (who has since gone on to become a respected film and serious music composer - see The Australian Music Centre for more details) teamed up with Avatar Linden, of whom I can tell you nothing - not even the gender. The result was yet another hippie love-rock musical replete with New-Age morals and Old Testament references.

There's a number of fine Australian musos in the band, including George Golla on guitar, and Don Burrows on flute. Nice to know that these venerated elders of the local jazz scene once had some hair to let down.

So get out the cheesecloth shirts, light the joss sticks and take the journey with Janet Ant, her boyfriend Terry, and the rest of the bunch of freaks who live in the flea-market selling in-things and incense.

It's a groove, man.

Grass Pt 1, Grass Pt 2
Grass - The Musical

Mr Snookles