Sunday, February 11, 2007

There's Music In The Air!

For those of you who think the only way to serve a martini is at 30,000 feet, here's a collection of lounge faves to listen to as you sip amongst the clouds.
This collection is from the Qantas in-flight library circa 1973. Cruise to the sounds of the Harry Roche Constellation, the John Keating Orchestra, Ron Goodwin, Pepe Jaramillo, and other luminaries of the genre.

As The liner notes say: "Music to relax by, music to tap your feet by. Music to match your mood and serve as a memory of your flight on the Qantas 747B. So take to the clouds and distant places. Switch on your record [mp3] player and switch off the everyday hum drum of the world. Take off with the sounds of the 747B and Qantas."

And don't forget that martini.

p.s. Despite the Mr Snookles quality vinyl restoration process, the first minute of so of track one has a hint of distortion as the record has been played so often the grooves have become worn. Back in those days, styli were much heavier than today, and repeated playing could cause damage. After the first minute the vinyl comes good, and the quality thereafter is first-class (and is there any other way to fly?)

There's Music In The Air

There's Music In The Air

Mr Snookles