Thursday, March 22, 2007

Break Through - Studio Two Stereo

Another classic lounge sampler, this time from EMI's Studio Two Stereo series. Released in 1967, this album has some crackers on it. Check out the Band of the Irish Guards' rendition of "Michelle" from the album "Marching With The Beatles" - if anyone has this album it is your sworn duty to upload it and send us all the link...

Other standouts are "Silhouette Hula" from Wout Steenhuis, one of my favourite Tiki artists, the bustling and energetic "633 Squadron" from Ron Goodwin, and "Spanish Harlem" from Norrie Paramour. Incidentally the cover photo is of the brand-new Concord under testing in the wind tunnel of the Royal Air Establishment.

(click on the tracklisting image for a larger view)

Break Through - Studio Two Stereo
Break Through - Studio Two Stereo

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