Monday, March 05, 2007

Enoch Light - Let's Dance The Bossa Nova

OK, lets get back to some essential lounge listening from 1963 with this gem from Enoch Light and his orchestra. Don't be put off by the disintegrated cover, or the fact this Australian pressing was released in mono; this is a great collection of big-band bossa nova tunes by the maestro.

Tommy Mottola plays some smooth chord solos, and Enoch Light regulars Doc Severinson and Al Klink add standout solos. It's the ensemble playing by the sax and trumpet sections that really shines, however, along with the fidelity of the recording which allows the distinctive timbre of each instrument to be clearly heard. The bass saxophone grunts and the tambourine get the idea.

The other interesting feature of this album is the detailed album notes analysing each song on the back cover. It makes an interesting exercise to read each description as the music plays, to see if you agree with the reviewer. So what are you waiting for ... Wrap your ears around Enoch's swingin' big band and start Dancin' The Bossa Nova!

Enoch Light - Let's Dance The Bossa Nova
Enoch Light - Let's Dance The Bossa Nova

Mr Snookles