Thursday, March 01, 2007

Switched On Bacharach

For every great lounge artist there is at least one Moog covers album. Let's face it, you either love the Moog or you hate it. When played badly, the Moog can sound uncannily like the call of a lovesick, yet constipated brontosaurus echoing across the primeval ooze.

This album, on the other hand, is surprisingly musical - the artists have commendably resisted the urge to apply all the Moog sound effects which sounded so hip back then, but make one cringe/laugh hysterically/head for the nearest exit today. The only exception is the last track, where the inclusion of the word "Pussycat" in the title led to a showcasing of the Moog's ability to re-create the dulcet tones of a tomcat on heat. All in all one of the better Moog albums out there, and a great reminder of "The Sound Of The Future" circa 1972.

Switched On Bacharach
Switched On Bacharach

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Mr Snookles