Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ferrante & Teicher - 10th Anniversary Album

"Fame is often fleeting, and stardom sometimes but a mercurial glow touching the lives of performers with a momentary spark that never quite ignites. In the case of Ferrante and Teicher, the flame has been burning brightly for over a decade."
Ah, the poignancy of yesterday's album notes. Like Ozymandias, they thought their music would last a thousand years - and thanks to the internet, perhaps they might have a few more years in the sun to thrill a new generation with their piano mastery.

Two child prodigies who met in the Julliard School of Music in New York, they formed a binding personal friendship and began a dual career, first as classical pianists, and then, following the huge success of their rendition of Ernest Gold's Exodus, as popular favourites.

In the ten tears of their career to the release of this anniversary album they released sixty records. This double album is a great showcase of the trademark F&T sound, the call and response of their twin pianos, the rich symphonic sound of the strings and french horns, the cascades of runs and arpeggios that ornament the main theme. in short;

"These, truly, are great piano hits...Solid. Glowing. Durable. After a decade of prospecting them, Ferrante and Teicher have undeniably staked a claim as the world's foremost two-piano team. Enjoy them."

01 - Tonight.mp3
02 - Windmills Of Your Mind.mp3
03 - Tara's Theme.mp3
04 - More.mp3
05 - Oliver.mp3
06 - The Impossible Dream.mp3
07 - Theme From The Apartment.mp3
08 - Aquarius.mp3
09 - Lara's Theme.mp3
10 - What Now My Love.mp3
11 - Greensleeves.mp3
12 - Exodus.mp3
13 - Alfie.mp3
14 - A Man And A Woman.mp3
15 - Clair De Lune.mp3
16 - Spanish Eyes.mp3
17 - Yesterday.mp3
18 - Moon River.mp3
19 - Those Were The Days.mp3
20 - Misty.mp3
21 - The Girl From Ipanema.mp3
22 - Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21.mp3

Ferrante & Teicher - 10th Anniversary Album part 1
Ferrante & Teicher - 10th Anniversary Album part 2
Ferrante & Teicher - 10th Anniversary Album

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