Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ferrante & Teicher - Pianos In Paradise

Hi folks; Mr S is back after taking the Easter break off to work on a few other projects. It's time for a bit of F&T - yes those groovy, piano-playing, space age gnomes are here with possibly their best work, the exotica classic Pianos in Paradise. This album was released in 1962 and sold over 2 million copies through record clubs alone.

I know some of you will have this record as it has been uploaded elsewhere, but I am in the process of digitizing my albums, and I upload them when I rip 'em, so I can't guarantee they're all albums you've never seen before....They are all high quality 320kbps rips, so it may be worth upgrading your current version if you've got the bandwidth to spare.

Thanks to all the people who left their kind and encouraging comments - I don't always get around to replying, but it's always nice to here from you, and its interesting to see what countries have lounge music fans in them. A special mention to M. le'Xtabay, my antipodean associate who cleverly surmised that I am a fellow Australian by scrutinizing the back album covers of my posts.

Ferrante & Teicher - Pianos In Paradise
Ferrante & Teicher - Pianos In Paradise

Mr Snookles