Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007

Enoch Light - Festival Of Light

Yes, the time has come!!

Mr Snookles has gathered together all the Enoch Light albums he has collected over the years and is uploading them for you listening pleasure.

Over the last 12 months, many of the great lounge bloggers, particularly Soundsational, Xtabay, RangeRaver, BongoLong Land, plus a host of other blogging enthusiast have put a veritable feast of Enoch Light's music into the bloggosphere.

You may have missed some of these before they evaporated into the netherworld of expired links and deleted shares; fret no longer, gentle reader, Mr Snookles is about to un-furrow your brow.

These posts are the work of many people. Much thanks is due to everyone who first made these alnums available. Alas, I cannot tell you who posted which album, so I can only give a collective vote of thanks to everyone who has helped to revive the popularity of this great musician and arranger. The post "Enoch Light - Action" is missing a couple of tracks...does anyone have a full rip of this album?

At present these links art Rapidshare only. I may get around to posting them on megaupload when I have 12 hours or so to spare.

Enoch Light - The Best of Hollywood
Enoch Light – Future Sound Shock
Enoch Light - Let's Dance The Bossa Nova
Enoch Light Singers – Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Enoch Light And The Light Brigade - The Big Band Hits Of The Thirties
Enoch Light And The Light Brigade - A New Concept of Great Cole Porter Songs
Enoch Light and the Command All Stars - Persuasive Percussion Volume 4

Enoch Light - Action
Enoch Light - 35Mm Vol 2
Enoch Light - Beatles Classics
Enoch Light - Big Band Bossa Nova
Enoch Light - Cha Chas Vol 2
Enoch Light - Discotheque Vol.1
Enoch Light - Discotheque Vol 2

Enoch Light - Patterns In Sound
Enoch Light His Orchestra At Carnegie Hall - Irving Berlin
Enoch Light - Faraway Places
Enoch Light - Faraway Places 2

Stay tuned - Many more to follow...

Please report any broken links...

Mr Snookles

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Living Guitars – Dedicated To The One I Love

A whole orchestra of guitars (well seven actually).

The guitar is perhaps the most romantic of all instruments. It is, after all, the traditional instrument of the serenade. One pictures the lady on her balcony; her cavalier twanging below, hoping his plucked persuasions will eventually equalise the difference in altitude him and her.

Ah, cover notes...reading between the lines we can finally see the true purpose of the Lounge album; it is to lure into the space-age bachelor pad a swingin' madmoiselle....

Oh for the simpler times of yesteryear... Anyway this album has a fine collection of lounge standards, my favourite being "Casino Royale" - a tune I can never have enough versions of.

01 - Somethin' Stupid.mp3
02 - This Is My Song.mp3
03 - Daddy's Little Girl.mp3
04 - Theme From 'The Quiller Memorandum'.mp3
05 - Dream Baby.mp3
06 - Casino Royale.mp3
07 - Let's Fall In Love.mp3
08 - California Nights.mp3
09 - Morningtown Ride.mp3
10 - Dedicated to The One I love.mp3

Living Guitars – Dedicated To The One I Love

Living Guitars – Dedicated To The One I Love

Mr Snookles

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tommy Garrett and the 50 Guitars - Return To Paradise

Float over the horizon to your enchanted island. Feel the warm soft sands between your toes. Watch the tide fill your footprints. The south sea winds whisper promises through the palms lining the golden beach. Close your eyes and let the steady, gentle warm waves of sound from the 50 Guitars float you away to paradise.

Liner-note hyperbole aside, this is a top album. The languid Tiki sound of the album shows the guitar orchestra at its finest. Enjoy the musicianship and imagination of Tommy Garrett on one of his finest outings.

01 - Enchanted Island.mp3
02 - Pearly Shells.mp3
03 - Quiet Village.mp3
04 - Soft Sands.mp3
05 - Bali Ha'i.mp3
06 - Red Sails In The Sunset.mp3
07 - Off Shore.mp3
08 - Return to Paradise.mp3
09 - Beyond The Reef.mp3
10 - South Sea Trade Winds.mp3
11 - Flamingo.mp3
12 - Ebb Tide.mp3

Return To Paradise
Return To Paradise

Mr Snookles