Monday, May 28, 2007

Enoch Light - Festival Of Light

Yes, the time has come!!

Mr Snookles has gathered together all the Enoch Light albums he has collected over the years and is uploading them for you listening pleasure.

Over the last 12 months, many of the great lounge bloggers, particularly Soundsational, Xtabay, RangeRaver, BongoLong Land, plus a host of other blogging enthusiast have put a veritable feast of Enoch Light's music into the bloggosphere.

You may have missed some of these before they evaporated into the netherworld of expired links and deleted shares; fret no longer, gentle reader, Mr Snookles is about to un-furrow your brow.

These posts are the work of many people. Much thanks is due to everyone who first made these alnums available. Alas, I cannot tell you who posted which album, so I can only give a collective vote of thanks to everyone who has helped to revive the popularity of this great musician and arranger. The post "Enoch Light - Action" is missing a couple of tracks...does anyone have a full rip of this album?

At present these links art Rapidshare only. I may get around to posting them on megaupload when I have 12 hours or so to spare.

Enoch Light - The Best of Hollywood
Enoch Light – Future Sound Shock
Enoch Light - Let's Dance The Bossa Nova
Enoch Light Singers – Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Enoch Light And The Light Brigade - The Big Band Hits Of The Thirties
Enoch Light And The Light Brigade - A New Concept of Great Cole Porter Songs
Enoch Light and the Command All Stars - Persuasive Percussion Volume 4

Enoch Light - Action
Enoch Light - 35Mm Vol 2
Enoch Light - Beatles Classics
Enoch Light - Big Band Bossa Nova
Enoch Light - Cha Chas Vol 2
Enoch Light - Discotheque Vol.1
Enoch Light - Discotheque Vol 2

Enoch Light - Patterns In Sound
Enoch Light His Orchestra At Carnegie Hall - Irving Berlin
Enoch Light - Faraway Places
Enoch Light - Faraway Places 2

Stay tuned - Many more to follow...

Please report any broken links...

Mr Snookles