Thursday, May 17, 2007

Living Guitars – Dedicated To The One I Love

A whole orchestra of guitars (well seven actually).

The guitar is perhaps the most romantic of all instruments. It is, after all, the traditional instrument of the serenade. One pictures the lady on her balcony; her cavalier twanging below, hoping his plucked persuasions will eventually equalise the difference in altitude him and her.

Ah, cover notes...reading between the lines we can finally see the true purpose of the Lounge album; it is to lure into the space-age bachelor pad a swingin' madmoiselle....

Oh for the simpler times of yesteryear... Anyway this album has a fine collection of lounge standards, my favourite being "Casino Royale" - a tune I can never have enough versions of.

01 - Somethin' Stupid.mp3
02 - This Is My Song.mp3
03 - Daddy's Little Girl.mp3
04 - Theme From 'The Quiller Memorandum'.mp3
05 - Dream Baby.mp3
06 - Casino Royale.mp3
07 - Let's Fall In Love.mp3
08 - California Nights.mp3
09 - Morningtown Ride.mp3
10 - Dedicated to The One I love.mp3

Living Guitars – Dedicated To The One I Love

Living Guitars – Dedicated To The One I Love

Mr Snookles