Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tommy Garrett and the 50 Guitars - Return To Paradise

Float over the horizon to your enchanted island. Feel the warm soft sands between your toes. Watch the tide fill your footprints. The south sea winds whisper promises through the palms lining the golden beach. Close your eyes and let the steady, gentle warm waves of sound from the 50 Guitars float you away to paradise.

Liner-note hyperbole aside, this is a top album. The languid Tiki sound of the album shows the guitar orchestra at its finest. Enjoy the musicianship and imagination of Tommy Garrett on one of his finest outings.

01 - Enchanted Island.mp3
02 - Pearly Shells.mp3
03 - Quiet Village.mp3
04 - Soft Sands.mp3
05 - Bali Ha'i.mp3
06 - Red Sails In The Sunset.mp3
07 - Off Shore.mp3
08 - Return to Paradise.mp3
09 - Beyond The Reef.mp3
10 - South Sea Trade Winds.mp3
11 - Flamingo.mp3
12 - Ebb Tide.mp3

Return To Paradise
Return To Paradise

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