Friday, June 29, 2007

Roy Harte and Milt Holland - Perfect Percussion

Mr Snookles is off on holiday so he's leaving you pampered darlings an extra post to enjoy while he's away. This is one of those 'Percussion' albums that we all love to listen to. Roy Harte and Milt Holland serve up a tasty mix of laid-back exotica with their range of unusual percussion instruments. Ever tried using a 'South American Scratcher'? Don't be put off by the boring cover - it really doesn't do the album justice. Here's a list of the instruments they used....

01 - The Kick
02 - Enchantment
03 - Dance Of The Siamese Children
04 - That Old Devil Moon
05 - Not Since Nineveh
06 - Misty
07 - Moonray
08 - Getting To Know You

Perfect Percussion

Mr Snookles