Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sergio Mendes - Fool On The Hill

Sunshine pop with a Latin flavour...Sergio Mendes at his most relaxing best with this delightful slice of easy-listening circa 1968. The obligatory Beatles and folk-tune covers are mixed with some cruisy Latin beats to create a charming and catchy offering that will soothe away the stresses after a hard day at the office...

01 - The Fool On The Hill.mp3
02 - Fiesta.mp3
03 - Casa Forte.mp3
04 - Canto Triste.mp3
05 - Upa, Neguinho.mp3
06 - Laphina.mp3
07 - Scarborough Fair.mp3
08 - When Summer Turns to Snow.mp3
09 - Laia Ladaia.mp3

Sergio Mendes - Fool On The Hill

Sergio Mendes - Fool On The Hill

Mr Snookles