Monday, July 16, 2007

Art Blakey - The African Beat

Jazz, African rhythms and the limitless potential of the drum. As the Blue Note logo on the cover suggests this album was originally conceived as an America meets Africa jazz outing. Nowadays we can hear the exotica influences, and the album has lounge as well as jazz leanings.

Nonetheless this album is dominated by the drums, about 30 different bamburas, telegraph drums and so on. The ensembles does try to work as an ensemble, not a collection of soloists trying to outdo one another. There are some killer grooves and a nice fusion of African rhythms with jazz cool.

01 - Prayer By Solomon G. Ilori
02 - Ife L'Ayo
03 - Obiran African
04 - Love. The Mystery Of
05 - Ero Ti Nr'ojeje
06 - Akiyo Akiyo
07 - Tobi Ilu

Art Blakey - The African Beat

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