Thursday, July 26, 2007

James Last - Hammond A-Go-Go Vol 2

Because too much cheesy Hammond is never enough...

James Last, you either love him, hate him or are completely indifferent to him. I've been susceptible to all three during my lifetime, but at the moment I find myself curiously partial to his brand of cheesy lounge pop schmaltz. They're like the band you'd hire for your Bar Mitzvah...

01 - On The Street Where You Live-I Love Paris-Bye Bye Blues.mp3
02 - Patricia-Sweet And Gentle-Managua Nicaragua.mp3
03 - Lights Out-Vier Worte Mocht Ich Dir Jetz Sagan-You Are My Sunshine.mp3
04 - Bist Du Einsam Heut Nacht-Candlelight Waltz.mp3
05 - Skokiaan-Stars In Your Eyes-Das Leben Ist Wunderbar.mp3
06 - Singin' In The Rain-Bell Bottom Trousers-Das Gibt Es Nur In Texas.mp3
07 - Estrelita-In Portugal.mp3
08 - You're Driving Me Crazy-Boo-Hoo-Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
09 - Danke Schon-No Can Do.mp3
10 - Samba Estrella-Baiao Cacula-The Peanut Vendor.mp3
11 - La Bostrella.mp3

James Last - Hammond A-Go-Go Vol 2

James Last - Hammond A-Go-Go Vol 2

Herr Snookles