Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eric Coates - London Suite

We are delving into the world of the light classics today, with a post from the father of British light classical music Eric Coates.

What is Light Music? It is pleasant melodic music, less demanding of the listener and easier on the ear. It does not try to make any profound statements or push boundaries but is content simply to entertain, like the waltzes and polkas of the Strauss family. (from mFiles)

Most popular of Coates' pieces was the London Suite (1933). The last movement of this, "Knightsbridge", was used by the BBC to introduce their radio programme In Town Tonight. (Wikipedia)

01 - London Suite Pt 1 - Covent Garden
02 - London Suite Pt 2 - Westminster
03 - London Suite Pt 3 - Knigtsbridge
04 - Sleepy Lagoon
05 - London Bridge
06 - London Again Suite Pt 1 - Oxford Street
07 - London Again Suite Pt 2 - Langham Place
08 - London Again Suite Pt 3 - Mayfair
09 - Footlights

Eric Coates - London Suite

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