Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Journey Into Stereo Sound

As you can see from the gaggle of unsmiling boffins on the front cover, this album takes its stereo separation pretty seriously. This is one of the original stereo samplers, and is perhaps more of a novelty, and a piece of history, rather than a serious musical outing.

Nonetheless there are some excellent offerings to be had, though many are abbreviated excerpts rather than the full piece. The Ceremony of the Keys is perhaps the most unusual field recording ever made, featuring a group of guards barking unintelligible orders at one another, while the plummy-voiced narrator provides context for each stentorian outburst. Perhaps the great delight of this album is the sheer range of musical styles contained therein - from Stravinsky to Winifred Atwell.

01 - Train Sequence
02 - Chabrier - Espana
03 - Beginners Please
04 - Edmundo Ros - Under The Bridges Of Paris
05 - Rehearsal Sequence
06 - Stravinsky - Rite Of Spring
07 - Wagner - The Walkure
08 - Racing Cars At Goodwood
09 - Mantovani - True Love
10 - Ceremony Of The Keys
11 - Rimsky Korsakov - Capticcio Espanol
12 - Kirsten Flagstad - O Divine Redeemer
13 - Dave King - There's Only One Of You
14 - Vera Lynn - Another Time, Another Place
15 - Ted Heath - June Is Bustin' Out All Over
16 - W. A. Mozart - Concerto In Bb Minor
17 - Winifred Atwell - Portrait Painter Of Paree
18 - Hector Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique

Journey Into Stereo Sound

Journey Into Stereo Sound

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