Friday, August 10, 2007

Paul Mauriat - L'Ete Indien

Marseilles-born composer Paul Mauriat is best known for his hit 'Love Is Blue' which hit number 1 in the US charts for 5 weeks in 1968. In a career lasting over 30 years he released more than a hundred albums. This one from 1975 features his trademark harpsichord, but also has leanings toward the funk/disco sound of the time.

This album also wins the inaugural 'Mr Snookles Trophy For Most Artistic Cover' award. If any of our French-speaking readers can translate the title, or indeed the track names, please leave a comment...

01 - Brasilia Carnaval
02 - L'Ete Indien
03 - Melisa
04 - C'est Mieux Comme Ca
05 - Minuetto
06 - Amore Grande Amore Libero
07 - Love Will Keep Us Together
08 - J'ai Encore Reve D'elle
09 - Dansez Maintenant
10 - Je Ne Suis Que De L'amour
11 - I'm Not In Love
12 - Feelings

Paul Mauriat - L'Ete Indien

Paul Mauriat - L'Ete Indien

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