Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Xavier Cugat - Cugat In Spain

According to the liner notes from my last Cugat post he was originally from Barcelona, but the liner notes off this album state he was from the small town of Girona (misspelled Gerona on the album cover). Wherever he comes from, his cha cha beats have provided (and continue to provide) entertainment for thousands of people.

Xavier brings his distinctive Latin stylings to the music of his native Spain in this outing. The paso dobles, gypsy airs and Spanish classical tunes are all overlayed with that distinctive Cugie cha cha feel.

01 - El Beso
02 - Valencia
03 - El Relicario
04 - Tres Veses Guapa
05 - Playera
06 - Malaguena
07 - Clavelitos
08 - Madrid
09 - Ritual Fire Dance
10 - El Gato Montes
11 - Granada
12 - La Violetera

Xavier Cugat - Cugat In Spain

Xavier Cugat - Cugat In Spain

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