Sunday, September 30, 2007

Background Moods - Discs 7 and 8

Nearly there now.

More light classics to expand your musical horizons.

Background Moods Disc 7 Side 1
In A Spectacular Mood

01 - Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
02 - Spellbound Concerto
03 - James Bond Suite

Background Moods Disc 7 Side 2
In A Festive Mood

04 - Espana Rhapsody
05 - Dances From 'The Seasons'
06 - Russian Sailor's Dance

Background Moods Disc 8 Side 1
In A Soothing Mood

01 - The White Peacock
02 - Introduction To 'Kovantchina'
03 - Entr'acte No 1 From 'Rosamunde'
04 - Chopin from 'Carnaval'
05 - Dance Of The Blessed Spirits

Background Moods Disc 8 Side 2
In A Starlight Mood

06 - Stars Fell On Alabama
07 - Under A Blanket Of Blue
08 - The Lamp Is Low
09 - Stars In My Eyes
10 - Three Stars Will Shine Tonight
11 - My Shining Hour

Background Moods - Discs 7 and 8

Background Moods - Discs 7 and 8

Mr Snookles

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Background Moods - Discs 5 and 6

Some more light classics on disc 5, plus a bit of swing band jazz and a hint of exotica.

Get 'em while they're hot.

Disc 5 Side 1
In A Sparkling Mood

01 - Overture To 'The Silken Ladder'
02 - Four Scottish Dances
03 - The Constant Nymph

Disc 5 Side 2
In A Joyous Mood

04 - Topkapi
05 - The Sound Of Music
06 - Fiesta In Old Mexico
07 - Symphonie Moderne

Disc 6 Side 1
In A Swinging Mood

01 - In The Mood
02 - A String Of Pearls
02 - Limehouse Blues
03 - Chattanooga Choo-Choo
04 - Music Makers
05 - Just You, Just Me
06 - One O'Clock Jump

Disc 6 Side 2
In An Exotic Mood

07 - Miserlou
08 - Limehouse Blues
09 - Baubles Bangles And Beads
10 - Lotus Land
11 - Beyond The Blue Horizon

Background Moods - Discs 5 and 6

Background Moods - Discs 5 and 6

Mr Snookles

ps Thanks to Mr (or Ms) Anonymous who reported the broken links to 'Al Caiola - Golden Hit Instrumentals'. These links have been fixed and the album can once again be downloaded from Rapidshare and Megaupload.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Background Moods - Discs 3 And 4

Time for your next instalment of Background Moods. Today we cover An intimate mood, a carefree mood, a romantic mood and a wistful mood.
For all you would-be pleasure programmers, hee are programs 3 and four - ready for you to use when you get all ten LPs.

Disc 3 Side 1 - In an Intimate Mood

01 - I'll Remember April
02 - Little White Lies
03 - Just In Time
04 - East Of The Sun
05 - You're A Sweetheart
06 - Exactly Like You
07 - Autumn Serenade

Disc 3 Side 2 - In an Carefree Mood

08 - Coppelia Waltz
09 - Cossack Dance
10 - Skater's Waltz
11 - Spanish Dance
12 - Scarf Dance
13 - Baroque Dance

Disc 4 Side 1 - In an Romantic Mood

01 - Laura
02 - Just One More Chance
03 - Witchcraft
04 - My Melancholy Baby
05 - The Time Is Now
06 - Be My Love

Disc 4 Side 2 - In an Wistful Mood

07 - Try A Little Tenderness
08 - Love Me Or Leave Me
09 - The Boy Next Door
10 - I've Got The World On A String
11 - How Little We Know
12 - Polka Dots And Moonbeams
13 - Can't Get Out Of This Mood

Background Moods - Discs 3 And 4

Background Moods - Discs 3 And 4

Mr Snookles

Basil Henriques and the Waikiki Islanders

Remember this post from last month? If you downloaded it you would have heard a track by Basil Henriques, a laid-back Tiki version of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You'.

Anyway to cut a long story short, Basil Henriques himself dropped by and left a comment on the post (and a complementary one at that).

Not only that, but Basil is still going strong, and his two Studio 2 albums have been re-released by EMI as a double album CD. So, why don't you drop by Basil's site and pick up a copy. At 10 quid for both albums it's a bargain. Mr Snookles has already ordered his copy...

Mr Snookles

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lounge Tracks - Triple Whammy

A special guest post today from our friend, the bon vivant and serial Martini abuser, Mr Lounge Tracks himself. Here's what he has to say...

Last week I spoke of some shares for you and yours, so as promised here goes. It's a 3-pack special the first -2- are by the one and only Bud Shank who's the fella playing the flute in the background on The Mama's & The Papa's immortal California Dreaming This is his album with the same name and also features Chet Baker on loan from the Mariachi Brass.

Girl In Love is the followup from '67 and continues the trend set by his hit album 2 years earlier entitled "Michelle" with the same girl on the cover. Incidently, if anyone out there has "Michelle" please post it as I'd love to hear it and can't find it in my neck of the woods.

And finally, a bit of a holy grail find from Si Zentner. It's his often seen, rarely heard, Swinging Eye! which, I gotta say, I find underwhelming. The cover gets lots of attention but to me, that's the best part, and I'm a fan of the guy!

That's it Mr. Snookles, thanks for the invite and remember to keep on lounging'!

-Lounge Tracks
ps. almost martini time...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Background Moods

"And so we come to it, the great work of our age..." Gandalf - The Return Of The King.

Yep this is it, the big one. Ten, count 'em 10 LP's of lounge faves courtesy of the folks at Reader's Digest, in bandwidth-friendly mono.

Welcome to the world of 'Pleasure Programming'. I'll let the booklet tell you more...

Each of the 20 sides of this collection is programmed to evoke a particular mood. Designed to make use of the ultra-modern auto-disk changing record player, our Pleasure Programmers could put 5, 6, 7 or more records on their player at once, and then dine away the evening without having the tedium of that perfect intimate moment being spoiled by the music finishing prematurely. Here are the first two programs from the booklet.

Yes, all 10 disks are coming your way. The first two disks/four programs are in the first download, along with scans of the box-set cover and the corresponding sections of the booklet. Here's the tracklist for the first two LPs.

Disc 1 Side 1 - In A Moonlight Mood

01 - Moonlight Serenade.mp3
02 - How High The Moon.mp3
03 - Moonlight In Vermont.mp3
04 - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon.mp3
05 - Stairway To The Stars.mp3
06 - Moonlight Becomes You.mp3

Disc 1 Side 2 - In A Haunting Mood

07 - Songs My Mother Taught Me.mp3
08 - The Last Rose Of Summer.mp3
09 - The Dream Of Doretta.mp3
10 - Call The Ewes.mp3
11 - O Waly Waly.mp3
12 - A Little Story.mp3
13 - Humming Chorus.mp3

Disc 2 Side 1 - In A Bewitching Mood

01 - Makin' Whopee.mp3
02 - Bewitched.mp3
03 - Willow Weep For Me.mp3
04 - I Hadn't Anyone 'Til You.mp3
05 - And I Love Her.mp3
06 - It's Magic.mp3

Disc 2 Side 2 - In A Blues Mood

07 - The Birth Of The Blues.mp3
08 - The Man That Got Away.mp3
09 - Dreamsville.mp3
10 - I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues.mp3
11 - Ringo's Theme.mp3
12 - Blues In The Night.mp3

Background Moods Discs 1 and 2

Background Moods Discs 1 and 2

Mr Snookles

Friday, September 14, 2007

Swingle Singers - Bach's Greatest Hits

Dooby-do and Papa-dah!. Ward Swingle and his singers turn their attention to the polyphonies of J.S. Bach, whose contrapuntal style is tailor-made for that distinctive Swingle style. A swung four beat on the drum kit keeps pace in the background, leading to the suggestion that this is a jazz record, though the lack of improvisation makes this debatable.

It don't mean a thingle if it ain't got that Swingle....

01 - Fugue In D Minor.mp3
02 - Prelude For Organ Choral No. 1.mp3
03 - Aria.mp3
04 - Prelude In F Major.mp3
05 - Bouree.mp3
06 - Fugue In C Minor.mp3
07 - Fugue In D Major.mp3
08 - Prelude No. 9.mp3
09 - Sinfonia.mp3
10 - Prelude In C Major.mp3
11 - Canon.mp3
12 - Invention In C Major.mp3
13 - Fugue In D Major.mp3

Swingle Singers - Bach's Greatest Hits

Swingle Singers - Bach's Greatest Hits

Mr Snookles

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Al Caiola - Tuff Guitar Tijuana Style

A couple of months ago Mr Lounge Tracks and self were trading Al Caiola posts for the benefit of our readers. As LT beat me to the punch in uploading this album I refrained from posting my copy at the time. Sadly, LT's blog ended shortly after he upped the album, so some of you might have missed the opportunity to get your copy (ahhh, cyberspace is so ephemeral...)

Anyhoo, I have ripped and upped my copy, so if you missed it the first time around, here's your chance.

01 - El Flicko.mp3
02 - The Shadow Of Your Smile.mp3
03 - Never On A Sunday.mp3
04 - Spanish Harlem.mp3
05 - Cuando Calienta El Sol.mp3
06 - Thunderball.mp3
07 - South Of The Border.mp3
08 - Corcovado.mp3
09 - Fascination.mp3
10 - Baubles, Bangles and Beads.mp3
11 - Morgen.mp3
12 - Pablo.mp3

Al Caiola - Tuff Guitar Tijuana Style

Al Caiola - Tuff Guitar Tijuana Style

Mr Snookles.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shoji Yokoughi - Mr Guitar

Today's post is by talented Japanese guitarist Shoji Yokoughi aka Mr Guitar. When I first saw this album I almost passed on buying it because of the naff cover. I'm glad I yielded to my vinyl acquisition compulsion however, as the music is way better than the packaging. Think of the Charlie Byrd post 'Aquarius' of a couple of months ago, mixed with a little Louis Bonfa, and you're getting close. The album is a collection of tasty Latin numbers played on a classical guitar with some flair by Shoji san, artfully backed-up by his group The Blue Dreamers.

01 - Besame Mucho.mp3
02 - Solamente Una Vez.mp3
03 - Quizas Quizas Quizas.mp3
04 - Quien Sera.mp3
05 - Green Eyes.mp3
06 - Dahil Sai Yo.mp3
07 - Without You.mp3
08 - Historia De Un Amor.mp3
09 - Amapola.mp3
10 - Cu-Cu-Ru-Cu-Cu Paloma.mp3
11 - Te Queiro Dijiste.mp3
12 - Tabu.mp3
13 - Perfida.mp3
14 - Amor.mp3

Shoji Yokoughi - Mr Guitar

Shoji Yokoughi - Mr Guitar

p.s. the post 'The Polynesians - Hawaiian Love Songs' has had its links repaired (thanks to the ubiquitous Mr Anonymous for reporting the broken links) and can now be downloaded from Rapidshare or Megaupload.

Mr Snookles