Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lounge Tracks - Triple Whammy

A special guest post today from our friend, the bon vivant and serial Martini abuser, Mr Lounge Tracks himself. Here's what he has to say...

Last week I spoke of some shares for you and yours, so as promised here goes. It's a 3-pack special the first -2- are by the one and only Bud Shank who's the fella playing the flute in the background on The Mama's & The Papa's immortal California Dreaming This is his album with the same name and also features Chet Baker on loan from the Mariachi Brass.

Girl In Love is the followup from '67 and continues the trend set by his hit album 2 years earlier entitled "Michelle" with the same girl on the cover. Incidently, if anyone out there has "Michelle" please post it as I'd love to hear it and can't find it in my neck of the woods.

And finally, a bit of a holy grail find from Si Zentner. It's his often seen, rarely heard, Swinging Eye! which, I gotta say, I find underwhelming. The cover gets lots of attention but to me, that's the best part, and I'm a fan of the guy!

That's it Mr. Snookles, thanks for the invite and remember to keep on lounging'!

-Lounge Tracks
ps. almost martini time...