Friday, September 14, 2007

Swingle Singers - Bach's Greatest Hits

Dooby-do and Papa-dah!. Ward Swingle and his singers turn their attention to the polyphonies of J.S. Bach, whose contrapuntal style is tailor-made for that distinctive Swingle style. A swung four beat on the drum kit keeps pace in the background, leading to the suggestion that this is a jazz record, though the lack of improvisation makes this debatable.

It don't mean a thingle if it ain't got that Swingle....

01 - Fugue In D Minor.mp3
02 - Prelude For Organ Choral No. 1.mp3
03 - Aria.mp3
04 - Prelude In F Major.mp3
05 - Bouree.mp3
06 - Fugue In C Minor.mp3
07 - Fugue In D Major.mp3
08 - Prelude No. 9.mp3
09 - Sinfonia.mp3
10 - Prelude In C Major.mp3
11 - Canon.mp3
12 - Invention In C Major.mp3
13 - Fugue In D Major.mp3

Swingle Singers - Bach's Greatest Hits

Swingle Singers - Bach's Greatest Hits

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