Friday, October 12, 2007

Background Moods - Disc 9

Well we all new lounge-music lovers are sharing, caring folks who are alreadys ready to lend a hand when they see a fellow blogger in distress. So thanks and appreciation to Vinyl Treasures who has ripped and uploaded the missing disc of the Background Moods set.

So, why don't ya all just mosey on over to the new Vinyl Treasures site ( and grab your copy.

The download link on this page contains the booklet pages for discs 9 and 10, which have been re-numbered so that all the pages from all discs are in the correct order.
Disc 9

Side 1
In A Latin Mood
01 - Rhumba Medley
02 - Bolero
03 - Mambo Jambo
04 - Tango Medley
o5 - Cha Cha Medley

Side 2
In A Dancing Mood

06 - Medium Foxtrot Medley
07 - Waltz Medley
08 - Slow Foxtrot Medley

Disc 9 Artwork

Album now available here...
Audio Tracks

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