Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Jake Concepcion - Sexy Saxes

I think it's time for a couple of "Instruments Behaving Badly" themed album covers...

The smouldering sax of Monsieur Jake belts out an array of standards accompanied, as the title points out, by his orchestra.

About Jake I can tell you little, except that he appeared as a sideman in a couple of Cantopop albums by Leslie Cheung. Perhaps one of our oh-so-knowledgeable readers has some more info...

01 - Harlem Nocturne
02 - Autumn Leaves
03 - Tara's Theme From 'Gone With The Wind'
04 - Harbour Lights
05 - Annie Laurie
06 - My Funny Valentine
07 - Red Sails In The Sunset
08 - Danny Boy
09 - Summertime
10 - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
11 - September Song
12 - Misty

Jake Concepcion - Sexy Saxes

Jake Concepcion - Sexy Saxes

Mr Snookles

p.s. any of you who have been following the dialog between Musical Interval and self will know that there has been a glitch with a couple of posts that prevented them from playing properly in Windows Media 9. I have re-posted the Swingle Singers post, and the links on that post now point to the updated versions.