Saturday, November 10, 2007

Maurice Larcange - Weekend Musette

Don't be put off by the rather battered cover of this album. Maurice Larcange and his orchestra serve up a delightful slice of easy-listening a-la Francais. As I pointed out in a previous post, I am rather partial to the films of Jaques Tati. If the whimsical soundtracks of his movies are to your taste, then you will love this album. Plus, it has another version of 'Mon Oncle' to add to your collection...

01 - Pablito
02 - Irish Ballad
03 - Qui Qui Casque
04 - Forward The Music
05 - Paris Told Me
06 - As Long As You Will Always love Me Like This
07 - That's Love
08 - Your Accordian
09 - My Uncle
10 - Cow Of Java
11 - The Ballet Of Hearts
12 - Patricia

Maurice Larcange - Weekend Musette

Maurice Larcange - Weekend Musette

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