Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bert Kaempfert - Yesterday And Today

A piece of the later Bert today, and a pretty groovy one too. This a collection of six Bert originals, and six arrangements of fifties rhythm'n'blues hits hails from 1973 and showcases Bert's mature style. There's a sophistication to the arrangements that is missing from some of his earlier albums, but the trademark trumpets are still swingin' and that clipped bass sound is still in evidence.

BTW thanks to all the folks that have left comments - In particular Douglas from Paris who left a glowing comment (on the very first post) and of course that bon-vivant of the bloggoshere Lounge Tracks who kindly left instructions on how to prepare (and dispose of) a Velvet Martini - and I thought I just made it up...

01 - Blueberry Hill
02 - Time To Love
03 - Love Me Tender
04 - I Will Never Stop Loving You
05 - Who's Sorry Now
06 - I Remember Loving You
07 - Everybody Loves Somebody
08 - You Turned My World Around
09 - Night Train
10 - Nightcap
11 - Rebel Rouser
12 - Children Of Peace

Bert Kaempfert - Yesterday And Today

Bert Kaempfert - Yesterday And Today

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