Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tony Mansell - Hits From Burt Bacharach

Smooth and surprisingly classy - think Singers Unlimited meets Mike Sammes and you'll get the idea. Satisfyingly dense harmonies, and of course A-list material....

I can't find any biographical info on Tony (Wikipedia - how could you let me down!!). Any words of wisdom from lounge gurus welcome in the comments.

01 - This Guy's In Love With You
02 - I Say A Little Prayer
03 - Close To You
04 - What Made You Go
05 - What The World Needs Now Is Love
06 - The Look Of Love
07 - Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
08 - A Very Good Year For Young Love
09 - Trains And Boats And Planes
10 - I'll Never Fall In Love Again
11 - Do You Know The Way To San Jose

Tony Mansell - Hits From Burt Bacharach

Tony Mansell - Hits From Burt Bacharach

Mr Snookles

ps. some of my previous rips have sounded a bit grungy - alas worn records that simply did not restore well. This one is back to the normal Mr Snookles Standard of Excellence (MSSOE), so you can download without fear or favour.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Sounds of our Times - Galveston

Here's a few uploads from Shadrac that have been sitting on the HDD for a while. first up, and belonging to that special genre - "Albums With Front Covers That Show Young Lovers Kissing in a Field" we have the anonymous but surprisingly good "The Sounds of our Times - Galveston".

Full of "Now Sound" arrangements - check out Scarborough Fair with its harpsichord accompaniment and bassoon/oboe melodies.

No musos listed - produced by George Cates for Mod Productions.

01 - Galveston
02 - I've Gotta Be Me
03 - Scarborough Fair
04 - Cast Your Fate To The Wind
05 - Somewhere My Love
06 - California Dreamin'
07 - Fly Me To The Moon
08 - If You Go Away
09 - Wichita Lineman
10 - Lalena
11 - Goodnight My Love

The Sounds of our Times - Galveston

Shadrac Blintz Via Mr Snookles

Benders - Distance

Shadrac Says:

The Benders were a Sydney jazz band who existed from 1983 to 1985. The band comprised Chris Abrahams (keyboards), Dale Barlow (sax on E), Jason Morphett (sax on False Laughter & Distance), Lloyd Swanton (bass) and Andrew Gander (drums).
Chris Abrahams (born 1961 in New Zealand) is a Sydney-based pianist, best known for his jazz work. ...
Lloyd Swanton (born 1960) is an Australian jazz bassist and composer, based in Sydney.


* E (Hot, 1983)
* False Laughter (Hot, 1984)
* Distance (Hot, 1985)

Swanton and Abrahams later formed The Necks with percussionist Tony Buck.

01 - Verandah
02 - Tozan
03 - Ice
04 - Monsoon
05 - The Brunt
06 - Spirit Of Progress
07 - Algebra
08 - Propaganda
09 - The Island

Benders - Distance

Shadrac Blintz via Mr Snookles

Glenn Long - Success Show Music

Shadrac Says:

"... This album of show music successfully captures the nostalgia of a bygone era. The artist is a young talented keyboard performer; between his versatile organ and his piano, Glenn Long has created a variety of moods and images from show that will bring many nostalgic memories flooding back to you."
They don't write album notes like that any more - they don't make albums like this for them to go on.

Includes the theme from Ernest Bluntpencil, a genuine Australian rarity.

01 - There's No Business Like Show Business
02 - The Summer Knows
03 - Nobody Does It Better
04 - On A Clear Day
05 - Can You Read My Mind
06 - Lullaby Of Broadway
07 - The Earnest Bluntpencil Theme
08 - You Light Up My Life
09 - Copa Cabana
10 - Speak Softly Love
11 - Moonlight Serenade
12 - The Stars And Stripes Forever

Glenn Long - Success Show Music

Shadrac Blintz via Mr Snookles

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tommy Garrett - Takes You To Hawaii

Our convivial co-blogger Mr Lounge "I never met a Martini I didn't like" Tracks did some arithmetic in one of the comments due to the abundance of 101 strings and 50 guitars posts - Well LT time to get your calculator back as Tommy and his gaggle of guitarists gear up for some more laid-back exotica goodness.

I've seen a low bitrate version of this posted before in the bloggosphere, but having found a good-quality vinyl version, I decided it's time to see it back online. Let the Summer of Lounge (you northern hemispherites will have to settle for the Winter of Discontent) continue...

01 - Blue Hawaii
02 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
03 - Pagan Love Song
04 - My Little Grass Shack
05 - Now Is The Hour
06 - Hawaiian War Chant
07 - The Hukilau Song
08 - Song Of The Islands
09 - Lovely Hula Hands
10 - Sweet Leilani
11 - Moon Of Manakora
12 - Aloha Oe

Tommy Garrett - Takes You To Hawaii

Tommy Garrett - Takes You To Hawaii

Mr Snookles

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas at Home

I upload this primarily to annoy my brother who used to cringe when my dad insisted on playing this record at Christmas. Bless him, Dad meant well, probably attempting to get engender some Xmas atmosphere but, frankly, it's corny pap of the highest order.
I used to like 'Little Drummer Boy' and 'Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer'.
It's a real nostalgia jerker for me and the only Christmas LP I'll ever have anything to do with.

By some technical sleight of hand track 5 - Silent Night is missing. Agghh!

Merry Christmas from Shadders and Snooks!!

Christmas at Home

Christmas at Home

Shadrac Blintz

p.s. Welcome to Peet - our new South African friend. - check out his blog here.

Enoch Light - Big Hits of the Seventies

It’s a double album, it’s in quadra-frickin-phonic, and its got a ga-roovy psyche-couple grooning meaningfully together on the front.

It’s Enoch ‘Knocker’ Light (and many of the world’s greatest musicians) playing the beeg heets of the seventies. Well, the early seventies at least.

A plethora of banjos, harmonicas, a hint of steel guitar, mandolin and, great heavens, tabla pick out these well known tunes ably supported by EL’s crack team of session musos.

You’ve heard them all before but here you can imagine gaily sunning ones self on the poop deck of the Love Boat as ‘Isaac’ the smiling bartender serves your pina-colada whilst “You are the Sunshine of my Life” pipes tunefully through the PA system.

Enoch Light - Big Hits of the Seventies (Disc 1)

01 - I Feel The Earth Move
02 - The Candy Man
03 - Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree
04 - The Entertainer
05 - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
06 - Alone Again, Naturally
07 - Sing
08 - I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
09 - Song Sung Blue
10 - Baby I'm A Want You
11 - You've Got A Friend
12 - The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

Enoch Light - Big Hits of the Seventies vol1

Enoch Light - Big Hits of the Seventies vol2

And yes, here's volume 2...

Enoch Light - Big Hits of the Seventies vol2

Enoch Light - Big Hits of the Seventies vol2

Shadrac Blintz

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Leo Addeo - The Magic Of Hawaii

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

I, Mr Snookles, in my official capacity as a Furry Composite Being of Impeccable Musical Taste do hereby declare 2009 to be The Summer Of Lounge (Southern Hemisphere Only).
Let the cheesy strains of our chosen music bring peace and contentment to all and sundry, soothe the malcontented, and give succor to the afflicted.

And what better way to kick off The Summer Of Lounge than with some easy-vocal renditions of Hawaiian standards from 1968? As inconsequential and fluffy as it gets...perfect.

01 - One Paddle, Two Paddle
02 - Lovely Hula Hands
03 - My Little Grass Shack
04 - Beyond The Reef
05 - The Hukilau Song
06 - Pagan Love Song
07 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
08 - South Sea Island Magic
09 - Tiny Bubbles
10 - Mauna Loa

Leo Addeo - The Magic Of Hawaii

Leo Addeo - The Magic Of Hawaii

Mr Snookles (Official Ambassador to The Summer Of Lounge)

Lubomir Pleva - Harmonica Magic

LUBOMIR PLEVA, b. July 31, 1929, at Grygov near Olomouc, Is a true master of the harmonica, or rather the chromonica, a version of the instrument which features all 12 notes in the octave.

I know this because when researching Lubomir, I found a post of his at a previously unknown blog - Audio Design Studio - and shamelessly pinched some of his extended commentary about him. Looks like a great blog - check it out.

01 - Ciocirlia
02 - Danza Espanola
03 - Clair De Lune
04 - Hora Staccato
05 - Air On A G String
06 - Sabre Dance
07 - La Mer
08 - Mexican Dance
09 - Lonely Night Rider
10 - Stardust
11 - Isn't It Romantic
12 - Le Grisbi
13 - Make Love To Me

Lubomir Pleva - Harmonica Magic

Lubomir Pleva - Harmonica Magic

Mr Snookles

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

101 Strings - Gypsy Campfires

And from the even more prehistoric year of 1958 we have Gypsy Campfires (file under Gringo Gypsy??). The multudious strings are well suited to the Romany sound and throb with suitable Gypsy passion. Does anyone know how many albums these guys made? They seemed to be around forever. Correct answers in the comments please...

01 - Dark Eyes
02 - Slavonic Dances
03 - Two Guitars
04 - Gypsy Song No. 4
05 - Hungarian Dance No. 6
06 - Golden Earrings

101 Strings - Gypsy Campfires

101 Strings - Gypsy Campfires

Mr Snookles

101 Strings - The Soul Of The Blues

Here's a 101 Strings album from 1960 to add to your Easy Orchestral collection (you do have your easy listening albums sub-categorised don't you?) Some of those strings sound distinctly like muted trumpets, and a sedate sense of swing permeates this white-blues effort from our favourite century of strings...

01 - Birth Of The Blues
02 - St Louis Blues
03 - Mood Indigo
04 - Slow, And With Soul
05 - Goodbye
06 - Symphony For Blues
07 - Blues Pizzicato
08 - Definitely Blues
09 - The 'In-Crowd'

101 Strings - The Soul Of The Blues

101 Strings - The Soul Of The Blues

Mr Snookles

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett Take You To Spain

There seems to be a few themes emerging from the recent postings to Third Island. Exotica - 'cause it's summer down here; light classics, 'cause we're such cultured folk, and European themes (France, Italy and now Spain) 'cause we happen to like 'em.

Tommy and the crew dust off the castanets and settle in for some serious flamenco-flavoured strumming. I must admit the guitar orchestra really does it for me, and the natural drama of Flamenco suits TG down to the ground...

01 - Lady Of Spain
02 - Malaguena
03 - Flamenco
04 - The Lonely Bull
05 - La Violeterra
06 - Adios, Mariquita Linda
07 - Spanish Eyes
08 - Valencia
09 - In A Little Spanish Town
10 - El Relicario
11 - Marchetta
12 - El Choclo

The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett Take You To Spain

The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett Take You To Spain

Mr Snookles

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hawaiian Beach Boys - Bali Hai

Yes, the Hawaiian Beach Boys - because too much exotica is never enough...

01 - Hawaii Sang Me To Sleep
02 - Flower Lei
03 - Song Of Old Hawaii
04 - Bali Haii
05 - Moana Chimes
06 - Pretty Red Hibiscus
07 - Sweet Gardenia Lei
08 - It Happened In Koloha
09 - King Kamehameha
10 - Pidgin English Hula
11 - Lovely Hula Hands
12 - Aloha Beloved

Hawaiian Beach Boys - Bali Hai

Hawaiian Beach Boys - Bali Hai

Mr Snookles

Robert Delgado - Blue Hawaii

Well, in our usual back-to-front way us southern-hemispherereons are just getting ready for summer, and what could be more refreshing than an ice-cool drink and some languid exotica floating on the hibiscus-scented breeze?

Roberto Delgado, more often known for his gringo latin efforts, dishes up a groovy selection of tunes, a particular fave being the exotica-ragtime blend "Honolulu Ragtime Doll". One can see the shock in the studio when Mr Delgado asks for some honky-tonk piano in the arrangement...

No back cover scan for this one as both sides are identical.

01 - Sweet Leilani
02 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
03 - Pagan Love Song
04 - Hawaii Tattoo
05 - Polynesian Waltz
06 - Blue Hawaii
07 - Sun Of Hawaii
08 - Blume Von Hawaii
09 - Sleepy Lagoon
10 - Wini-Wini, Wana-Wana
11 - My Tane
12 - Hawaiian Blue Beat Baby
13 - Honolulu Ragtime Doll
14 - Maori Farewell Song

Robert Delgado - Blue Hawaii

Robert Delgado - Blue Hawaii

Mr Snookles

Monday, November 24, 2008

Stanley Black - Spectacular Dances For Orchestra

More light classics here, this time from the redoubtable Stanley Black. Gorgeous Phase 4 sound, big orchestra - fill your home with sound.

01 - Slavonic Dance
02 - Fledermaus Waltz
03 - Russian Sailors' Dance
04 - Dance Of The Hours
05 - Danse Macabre
06 - Hungarian Dance No 5
07 - Miller's Dance And Finale

Stanley Black - Spectacular Dances For Orchestra

Stanley Black - Spectacular Dances For Orchestra

Mr Snookles

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Al Caiola - Solid Gold Guitar Goes Hawaiian

Yep, Third Island stalwart Al Caiola is back, and he and his golden guitar (golden refers to the sound not the ridiculously overpriced yellow stuff) are off to Hawaii.

Al tremolos his way though the standards with the band cooing gently in the background. So waltz your Wahine and sip your mai-tai to Al and the gang...

BTW Edmundo Floss joins the Immortals of Lounge - his fab Lounge Musica site is our latest addition to our blogroll on the right. Lots of tasty goodies, so check it out...

01 - Blue Hawaii
02 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
03 - Song Of Old Hawaii
04 - Sugar Island
05 - On The Beach At Waikiki
06 - Hawaiian Tattoo
07 - Sweet Leilani
08 - To You Sweetheart Aloha
09 - Drifting And Dreaming
10 - Aloha My Tani
11 - Hawaiian War Chant
12 - Aloha Oe

Al Caiola - Solid Gold Guitar Goes Hawaiian

Al Caiola - Solid Gold Guitar Goes Hawaiian

Mr Snookles

Monday, October 27, 2008

Gone Phishing...

No posts for a coupla weeks as Mr S. is out-of town. Congrats to Shadders for his first solo contribution - if you're lucky he might drop you some more pearls from his collection...

Much more exotica when Mr S. returns, so stay tuned.

Mr Snookles

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roger Laredo - Italy

Roger Laredo does Italy.
One of the Decca label's hi-fidelity 'Phase 4' series.
Put up to compliment Lounge Legends' post "Phase 4 - Spain", which has unfortunately been deleted...

Try this new link...
megaupload - Roger Laredo - Italy

Shadrac Blintz

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ron Goodwin - Gypsy Fire

Lurking behind this cheesy cover is a real light classics gem. Produced by George Martin, the tracks on this album show a quality of arrangement and orchestration that owes much to British composers such as Vaughn-Williams and Elgar. This is also one of the best-preserved records I have ever purchased, and you will hear the difference - the violins in particular have a clean, crisp presence that adds to the overall air of orchestral respectability.

p.s. A big thanks to everyone for all the kind comments...

01 - The Gypsy Fiddler
02 - Black Eyes
03 - The Ritual Fire Dance
04 - Andaluza
05 - Hora Staccato
06 - Gipsy Moon
07 - Czardas
08 - La Paloma
09 - Bublitschki
10 - Play Gypsy
11 - Two Guitars
12 - Hejre Kati

Ron Goodwin - Gypsy Fire

Ron Goodwin - Gypsy Fire

Mr Snookles

Monday, October 13, 2008

Alf Barrie - A Lei Of Stars

Whilst away on his travels Mr Snookles uncovered a treasure trove of 20 Hawaiian-themed albums, so expect a few exotica posts in the next few weeks.

First up Alf Barrie and the HMI (Hawaiian Music Ind.) All-Stars serve up some laid-back steel guitar and vibes. They avoid the standards, and serve up some intriguing tunes that take some odd and unexpected angles.

01 - A Lei Of Stars
02 - Moonlight In Waikiki
03 - For Ever And Ever
04 - Evening In The Islands
05 - The One Rose
06 - South Sea Island Magic
07 - That's The Hawaiian In Me
08 - The Hands I Love
09 - Sea And Sand
10 - Soft Green Seas
11 - Maui Girl
12 - Serenade To Nalani

Alf Barrie - A Lei Of Stars

Alf Barrie - A Lei Of Stars

Mr Snookles

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

SDS All-Stars - Electone and Brass

Good news folks, Mr Snookles found a bunch of fresh vinyl in his travels. First up, at the request of Third Island visitor Captain Chelicerate, a rare LP from the King Records label featuring the redoubtable Tetsusaburo Hirai and the red-hot SDS All-Stars.

Listen to 'Baby Elephant Walk' to here the ensemble playing at its grooviest, or hear the fabulous Electone organ produce its trademark swirls of sound in 'Moon River'.

Essential Japanese Lounge!

01 - The Longest Day
02 - Tonight
03 - Baby Elephant Walk
04 - Orfeo Negro
05 - Fascination
06 - Un Amore A Roma
07 - King Of Kings
08 - L'eclipse
09 - Moon River
10 - Deguello
11 - Never On A Sunday
12 - Al Di La

SDS All-Stars - Electone and Brass

SDS All-Stars - Electone and Brass

Mr Snookles

No i-Pods, Just Macropods

Ah, you've got to love the Australian Bush. Two snapshots here of a friend's backyard. Spring down under and the new Joeys (baby roos) are just emerging.

Back soon with more music...

Mr Snookles

Friday, September 12, 2008

Les vacances de Monsieur Snooklés

Greetings one and all.
This is just a quick note to say that Mr Snookles has gone on a long holiday.

Normal service will be resumed in November although I might manage to upload something in the intervening time...
Thanks for the nice comments and see you soon.
Shadrac Blintz

Friday, August 29, 2008

Raoul Meynard - Continental Visa Renewed

A delightful and carefree outing from Raoul Meynard dating all the way back to 1959 ( A year notable for, amongst other things, being the year when Mr Snookles arrived on the planet.
"It's a small furry creature" the doctors told a proud Mama Snookles)

However, I digress. Raoul's orchestra is reinforced with zimbalons, zithers and mandolins, along with the ubiquitous French accordion to give that essential Gallic atmosphere.

Premiere Classe.

01 - Mam'selle
02 - Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
03 - Meet Mister Callaghan
04 - Intermezzo
05 - Two Guitars
06 - C'est Si Bon
07 - The Maxixe
08 - Golden Earrings
09 - Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
10 - When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry
11 - Play Gypsy, Dance Gypsies
12 - Lisbon Antigua

Raoul Meynard - Continental Visa Renewed

Raoul Meynard - Continental Visa Renewed

Mr Snookles

Ruth Wallis - Naughty Naughty

Ruth Wallis (5 January 1920 – 22 December 2007) was a novelty cabaret singer. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Wallis began her career singing jazz and cabaret standards, but gained fame in the 1940s and 1950s for her risqué, satirical songs, rife with double entendre that she wrote herself. She did have a mainstream hit with "Dear Mr. Godfrey," a song about his public firing of Julius La Rosa.

She sang with a studio orchestra and often took on an accent for songs about characters from other countries. Her music was occasionally featured on the Doctor Demento show in the 1970s.

She started singing in lounges and cocktail bars, where she met her husband Hy Pastman. Eventually it became clear that her novelty songs, which relied mostly upon double entendres, were the most popular. These songs discussed a number of topics that were taboo in fifties America, such as homosexuality and infidelity. For this reason, her songs were banned from Boston radio stations. She often had difficulty securing distribution for her works, so she started her own record label, Wallis Original Recordings. When she arrived in Australia for a tour customs agents seized her records. Rather than ruin her career, this only brought out crowds.

Wallis retired in the 1970s to spend more time with her husband and two children, but continued to work on material for Broadway shows. Some of her most famous songs were collected and turned into a theater production called BOOBS! The Musical: The World According to Ruth Wallis. BOOBS! opened at the Triad Theater in New York City on May 19, 2003; by closing date it had played nearly 300 performances. It has had subsequent runs in New Orleans and Wichita.

In March 2007 Wallis was honored by the National Archives of Australia. Memorabilia of hers was included in 'Memory of a Nation', a permanent exhibition opening in Canberra. (Thanks once again Wikipedia)

01 - Queer Things
02 - Johnny Had A Yoyo
03 - Hawaiian Lei Song
04 - Sweater Girl
05 - Man Mink Million
06 - The Bells Song
07 - Brandy In Me Tea
08 - Chile Was Hot
09 - First Time Starter
10 - Jamaica Rum
11 - Large Size Mama
12 - Long Playing Daddy

Ruth Wallis - Naughty Naughty

Ruth Wallis - Naughty Naughty

Mr Snookles

Werner Muller - Budenzauber

Good morning.

As we reflect upon our previous evening's postings, we cannot help noticing the quality of the prose in the comments added to each post changing as the evening progressed.... I'm sure T.S. Elliott used a similar martini-fueled method to achieve his finest efforts. Oh well - you need to let your fur down once in a while.

Still, in the sober light of dawn I notice that a couple of albums intended to be upped last night never made it because of our inability to perform any action except closing our eyes and laying in a prone position after 11pm. So, here's Werner in his earlier Shlager-Schlock phase dishing out the sunshine pop for your next party. Swill your steins and sing along to Downtown and Pretty Woman...and don't forget to wear that coloured sweater that Auntie Mabel knitted for you in 1972...

01 - America
02 - Medley
03 - Hello Dolly
04 - Downtown
05 - Schon, Schon
06 - Humbta Tatera
07 - Budenzauber
08 - Memphis Tennessee
09 - Teenagers Ragtime
10 - Spanish Harlem
11 - Whistle Stop
12 - Guitar On The Rocks
13 - Pretty Woman
14 - Schaffe, Schaffe, Hausie Baue

Werner Muller - Budenzauber

Werner Muller - Budenzauber

Mr Snookles and Shadrac Blintz

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Klaus Wunderlich - Hammond Sensation

O Klaus: you happy high-priest of the Hammond.
O Klaus: before the prog-beard years took you away from The Lounge.
O Klaus: Your Hits agogo, Your manuals akimbo.
O Klaus: Can't take my ears off of you.
You're just too good to be....true.

Klaus Wunderlich - Hammond Sensation

01 - Lara's Theme
02 - Matchmaker
03 - Love Is Blue
04 - Up, Up And Away
05 - Honey
06 - Mas Que Nada
07 - Highway-Speed
08 - Strangers In The Night
09 - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
10 - The Impossible Dream
11 - What The World Needs Now
12 - Born Free

Klaus Wunderlich - Hammond Sensation
Mega Buttload
Klaus Wunderlich - Hammond Sensation

Shad's n Snooks ('n geese better scurry)

Wilbur Kentwell - Organ Contrasts

Meanwhile, Australian organ maestro, Wilbur Kentwell was brewing his next multi-manual-masterpiece "Organ Contrasts".

Becoming famous, momentarily, in the 60s as 'the poet of the Wurlitzer', Wilb's is here actually laying down his chops upon the Conn Theatre Organ.

Swoon to the compelling swells as Wilbur executes such classics as 'The Nun's Chorus' from, er, Casanova (First Nun "Ohhh, what was it like for you?" Second Nun "Ohhh, what was it like for you?" etc. etc.) and 'Stranglers in the Night'; not to mention 'Goodnight Sweetheart' and 'Consider Yourself'.

While the Hammond is the lounge organ du jour for the discerning listener, The Conn Theatre Organ with its many timbres ranging from bell-like chimes to church-organ bellows is a worthy addition to any lounge-lover's keyboard palette.

I might also mention that this album was washed twice (and scrubbed with Shadrac's toothbrush Hem Hem) and played repeatedly to dislodge the gunk as it was in a sorry state when it first arrived at Mr Snookles Aural Goodness Extraction Factory.

So you'd better damn well appreciate it.....

01 - A World Of Our Own
02 - Love Is Blue
03 - Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac Time
04 - I Left My Heart in San Fransisco
05 - The Nun's Chorus (From 'Casanova')
06 - The Sound Of Music
07 - Strangers In The Night
08 - My Kind Of Girl
09 - Goodnight Sweetheart
10 - Consider Yourself

Wilbur Kentwell - Organ Contrasts
Wilbur Kentwell - Organ Contrasts

Mr Snookles and Shadrac Blintz.

Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent - The Two Of Us

F.A.B. Damned FAB!!!
Tony and Jackie; at it like knives....
For all you Hatchlings it just doesn't get more NOW than this.

Whilst looking like a couple of newly-weds waiting for an appointment outside the bank manager's office, Tony & Jackie show why they are the inscrutable groove gurus.

This LP is smooth, damned smooth. Yet its edge cuts like a knife through fudge, soft fudge.
Obvious highlights are the hip-swingin' "I Must Know"(Are YOU the kind of lady I wanna spend my life with? mmm, you betcha, Tony!) and the groovy Route 66. Hip-as-f*@k-acid-flashback casualties will be grooning to the sitarbeat-meets-the-Byrds-at-Granny-Takes-a-Trip "Morning Dew".
Then there's the big band pops of the ultra cool "The Joker" (which astute Aussie's will recognise from Kath & Kim TV Series).

Finally, the familiarity of "The Two us". It became a number one record in Australia and still is as far as Mr snookles and I are concerned.

01 - I Must Know
02 - Play It Again
03 - Don't Stop Now
04 - Morning Dew
05 - Work Song
06 - Thank You For Loving Me
07 - Route 66
08 - Living It up Again
09 - The Fool On The Hill
10 - The Joker
11 - Country Girl and City Man
12 - The Two Of us

Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent - The Two Of Us

Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent - The Two Of Us

Shadrac Blintz avec M. le Snookles

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shirley Watts - Steel Guitar And Accordians

Recorded in Adelaide, South Australia, this is another of those obscurities that the internet was made for sharing. Who was Shirley Watts? Judging from the cover, this looks like a family affair, Mum's playing an accordion, and the kids are playing accordion and percussion accompaniment.

I must admit I am fascinated by this album - who was this Adelaide housewife who loved exotica so much she bought herself a pedal-steel guitar to play songs from an island on the other side of the world, got the family to be her band, and then went out and recorded an album at a local recording studio?

After lounging in obscurity in the back-rooms of a Wollongong op-shop for 30 years, this album now finds its rightful place on the global stage. Good onya Shirl for following your dreams - I hope you're still playing your pedal-steel guitar wherever you are now...

The music itself is of course somewhat homespun in it's sound, showing the hallmarks of a home studio recording. The accordions are too loud and have a thin reedy sound completely unsuited to the songs. Shirley shows a good stylistic understanding of the genre. Her accordionists are functional rather than virtuosic, and plod through the songs. The kids playing percussion are unlikely to set your next party aflame... Who cares - you get an hour of Shirley playing the music she loves, and thats what counts.

01 - Pagan Love Song
02 - Hawaiian War Chant
03 - Sweet Leilani
04 - To You Sweetheart Aloha
05 - Aloha-Oe
06 - Lovely Hula Hands
07 - It Happened In Kaloha
08 - Tangerine
09 - Coconut Grove
10 - Red Sails In The Sunset
11 - Hawaii Tattoo
12 - Harbour Lights
13 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
14 - Drifting and Dreaming
15 - Pearly Shells
16 - Sleep Walk
17 - Steel Guitar Rag
18 - Slicin' Sand
19 - Rock A Hula Baby
20 - Island Of Love
21 - Hawaiian Sunset
22 - Beach Boy Blues
23 - Blue Hawaii
24 - Happy Hawaii

Shirley Watts - Steel Guitar And Accordians

Shirley Watts - Steel Guitar And Accordians

Mr Snookles

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

David Carroll - Percussion in Hi Fi

This is a nice companion post to the earlier 'Dancing 30's in Percussion'. Pure card-carrying Space-Age Pop. Shadrac says...

From the look and sound this is the mono version of the album put up by Liquorice Pizza a while ago. A comment in LP's post states "The mono version of this LP is not just a different mix -- it's actually different takes of each track! I am VERY familiar with the version of "Chimes Of Swing" on the mono LP (for reasons which I won't go into here) and was blown out of my chair to hear a completely different solo and end tag on your needle-drop of the stereo LP"

So here is the other version of the LP.

Musically it's a journey through wacky exotica/space-age bachelor-pad style percussion. A veritable raft of xylophones, vibes, crazy bongos maracas etc along with some neat guitar playing, and possibly the only blues solo ever recorded on tubular bells...

01 - Hell's Bells
02 - Bali Hai
03 - The Chimes of Swing
04 - Maleguena
05 - Discussion in Percussion
06 - Controversy
07 - The Cricket
08 - Jungle Drums
09 - The Pyrenees
10 - Madrid
11 - Bullfight
12 - Finale Flamenco

David Carroll - Percussion in Hi Fi

David Carroll - Percussion in Hi Fi

Shadrac Blintz

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bruton Music Library - Country & Western Themes

The Blintz Blitz continues;

Country and Western isn't a style one immediately thinks of with so called 'Library Music' but here are some tasteful and laid back C&W flavoured grooves featuring some smooth pedal (or is it lap?) steel guitar playing and the fiddle of Don Harper.

From the Bruton Library, the cover is rather stained with age but the vinyl is almost pristine.

01 - Glen Sutton; Norris Wilson - Goonsville
02 - Glen Sutton; Norris Wilson - Easy days and Mellow Nights
03 - Glen Sutton; Norris Wilson - Velvet Smooth
04 - Glen Sutton; Norris Wilson - Ridin' High and Handsome
05 - Glen Sutton; Norris Wilson - Old Joe Clark
06 - Glen Sutton; Norris Wilson - Soft Touch
07 - Glen Sutton; Norris Wilson - Anna Maria
08 - Glen Sutton; Norris Wilson - Claudia's Theme
09 - Glen Sutton; Norris Wilson - Countryville
10 - Glen Sutton; Norris Wilson - Sassy
11 - Don Harper - Back on the Range
12 - Don Harper - Back in the Hills
13 - Don Harper - Lonely Town
14 - Don Harper - Hoe Y'all Down
15 - Denny Wright - Lazy Guitar
16 - Denny Wright - Guitar Mad
17 - Denny Wright - Guitar Melodie

Rapidshare Only
Bruton Music Library - Country & Western Themes

Shadrac Blintz

p.s. A special hi to The Big Cheeze - Owing to an unfortunate oversight "The Cheeze Factory" was left of our list of Tasty Music Sites To Visit. Rest assured the underling responsible for this travesty has been soundly flogged, and ordered to listen to the South Australian Police Band play "The Hustle" for the next three days....

If you enjoyed the Mrs Miller post you should;
a) Seek professional help immediately
b) Visit The Cheeze Factory, the motherlode for all things cheezy...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mrs Miller - Mrs Miller's Greatest Hits

The name is Blintz!, Shadrac Blintz.

Mr Snookles has invited me to Third Island to share some scintillating tidbits of cultural detritus I have stumbled upon in my travels to boot sales, op-shops and trash-n-treasure stalls.

As old Snooko has hinted, my musical taste, while steeped in the magnificent tasteful martini-soaked era of easy listening and lounge, stretches the envelope, somewhat, to include gems of the utterly tasteless, the long forgotten and sundry Difficult Listenings.

I adore LPs that are incomprehensibly uncool and even appallingly bad (see the majestic Kiama Girls Choir, Jamie Redfern etc) and one such is Mrs. Miller’s Greatest Hits

Where does one start with Mrs Miller?

www.mrsmillersworld.com has this to say

In April 1966, under the roar of Vietnam and a raging counter-culture, emerged a singer like no other. Off-pitch and off-tempo, a 59 year-old grandmother would perform rock standards such as "Hard Days Night", "Downtown", and "These Boots and Made for Walking" in a bizarre operatic style. Often considered the worst pop star of all time, she rode the line between farce and reality, as the reputable Capitol Records promoted the so-called "new sound" without cracking a smile. Her name was Elva Connes Miller, but on stage she was known simply as Mrs. Miller.”

If you’re not prepared for the moment when she starts to, for want of a better word, “sing” the timeless classic Downtown, then take care not to inhale your margarita.

Actually this copy belongs to our friend Ivanskipoo and, as you can see, the cling-wrap was still on it I thought it prudent to leave it on. As an extra bonus, the inner sleeve is a genuine classic 1966 Capitol Records advert.

Normally I’d say “download and enjoy” but in this case, perhaps “download and endure” is more appropriate.

01 - Downtown
02 - The Shadow Of Your Smile
03 - Hard Days Night
04 - Dear Heart
05 - Chim Chiminee
06 - These Boots Are Made For Walking
07 - Lover's Concerto
08 - Let's Hang On
09 - Catch A Falling
10 - Gonna Be Like That
11 - My Love

Mrs Miller - Mrs Miller's Greatest Hits

Mrs Miller - Mrs Miller's Greatest Hits

Shadrac Blintz

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ted Sommer and Bill Lavorgna - Dancing 30's In Percussion

Who says you can't teach an old blog new tricks? Third Island has had a much needed overhaul. The link list on the right is now a list of Groovy Blog Sites You Should Visit, rather than a list of Mostly Defunct Sites That I Wish Were Still Going But Aren't. Also added is the List Of Artists - a quick overview of who has music here at Third Island.

Much of the credit for this new lease of life must go to the hidden partner in this outfit - the indefatigable Shadrac Blintz. He has supplied a collection of must-have vinyl rips that are ready to go. For the uninitiated Shadrac is in many ways the spiritual child of the original XYZ Cosmonaut and his brand of British cultural driftwood from the 60's and 70's. Indeed XYZ's post of Dad's Army stalwart Clive Dunn's spin off album "Permission to Sing, Sir" remains one of the most treasured items in my collection. The double entendre of the classic "Polishing My Rifle And Thinking Of You" simply cuts to the bones of the British psyche. Some of Shadrac's tastes are extreme (As you will find in the coming weeks) , some of it reflects his English folk roots (the man is a lapsed Morris dancer), but it's all plain fabulous and well worth a listen.

Shadrac has more strings to his bow, however, than simple Harvester of Pommy culture, and in this post his gives us some of the finest Space-Age-Pop you could ever wish to hear. Music Of The 30's, featuring Ted Sommer on the Lowrey Organ & Bill Lavorgna on percussion, is a delight from the first mallet glissandi to the final muted trumpet riffs. Moody, sultry, cool and swinging, with hints of exotica in the percussion and a sophisticated swing band accompaniment to give it that essential groove, it is simply a must have.

So what are you waiting for?

01 - I Could Write A Book
02 - There's A Small Hotel
03 - What Is There To Say
05 - Every Thing I've Got
05 - The Lady Is A Tramp
06 - My Gal Sal
07 - I Didn't Know What Time It Was
08 - People Will Say We're In Love
09 - Where Or When

Ted Sommer and Bill Lavorgna - Dancing 30's In Percussion

Ted Sommer and Bill Lavorgna - Dancing 30's In Percussion

Shadrac Blintz via Mr Snookles

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tony Hatch - Mr & Mrs Music

More specialness from Shadrac, this time the 'British Burt Bacharach' - Tony Hatch. Here's what Shadders has to say...


Tony Hatch, English composer, songwriter, pianist, music arranger, and producer.

Composed zillions of classic 60’s hits like "Downtown" (memorably covered by Gameskeeper Willy of the Simpsons “Doontoon..”), "Don’t Sleep in the Subway" (excellent advice, Tony) and oodles of memorable TV themes from "Crossroads" to "Emmerdale Farm" and of course "Neighbours".

The version of Downtown on this album is a swingin’ big band arrangement sung by Tony’s uvver ‘alf, the ever lovely Jackie Trent. In fact none of the hits contained herein are the original versions, but are none the less genuine Tony Hatch arrangements.

Pure class.

01 - The Two of Us
02 - The Fool on the Hill
03 - Beautiful in the Rain
04 - Who am I
05 - A Man and a Woman
06 - Live for Love
07 - Make it Easy on Yourself
08 - Memories of Summer
09 - Who Can I Turn To
10 - Play it Again
11 - Little Green Apples
12 - Got to Get Him into My Life
13 - Norwegian Wood
14 - Downtown
15 - Love is Blue
16 - Thankyou for Loving Me
17 - Joanna
18 - Call Me
19 - There's a Boat Leavin Soon
20 - Up Up and Away

Tony Hatch - Mr & Mrs Music

Tony Hatch - Mr & Mrs Music

Shadrac Blintz

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jamie Redfern - Sitting On Top Of The World

More cultural detritus for Aussies only... Who could forget the piping treble of Jamie Redfern, doyen of 'Young Talent Time' and darling of the Gladioli set? Championed by Liberace, he was Australia's answer to Donny Osmond. Alas, his star fell as quickly as it rose, and he vanished into the mists of cultural obscurity.

01 - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
02 - Rainbow On A River
03 - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
04 - Impossible Dream
05 - Once every Year
06 - We'll Meet Again
07 - I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
08 - Til' there Was You
09 - If I Ruled The World
10 - Waltzing Matilda
11 - Yours
12 - From The Time You Say Goodbye

Jamie Redfern - Sitting On Top Of The World

Jamie Redfern - Sitting On Top Of The World

Shadrack and Snookles

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mike Sammes Singers - Finian's Rainbow

Just when I thought I was done posting for the evening, Shadders has twisted my arm and convinced me that this is the Mike Sammes album that you must own. It is somewhat different to the usual ultra-smooth vocal stylings one has come to expect from MSS, however, with a couple of listenings (and a couple of margaritas) I have come round to the opinion that it does have a certain "je na se qua". Shadders has this to say...

This took a while for me to get into not being familiar with 'Finian's Rainbow'. Somehow I had it mixed up with Brigadoon...

Of course the performances by MSS's are spot on, some of the arrangements reflect slightly the groovier aspects of the 60's

Blase Machin has this to say "...Walt Disney's famous conductor (Salvadore "Tutti") Camarata directs the Mike Sammes Singers in an enchanting album of one of America's brightest, wittiest and most cheerful musicals."

For me one of the highlights is the easy-bossa arrangement of 'Old Devil Moon'.

You know you want it....

Mike Sammes Singers - Finian's Rainbow

Mike Sammes Singers - Finian's Rainbow

Shadders and Snookles

The Kiama Girls Choir - Kiama

OK, the night is progressing, the margaritas are flowing and it's time for another Shadrac special. More music you won't find anywhere else... In his own words;

For me THIS is what the internet and the blogiverse was invented for.
The passing on of Pure Schlock.
From the Oily 70's, though obviously rooted (for want of a better word) in the 50's, this little gem of queasy tonality and frightful gold and silver lurex has been in my collection for over 20 years waiting; biding it's time for the day that it could blossom forth in all it's digitalised horror and infect the world.

The first song really sets it up. Understand, you will be singing the refrain 'Kiama Kiama Kiama.." for the rest your life.
Kiama, for those who possibly don't know, is a small seaside town on the southcoast of the Illawarra region of NSW Oztraya. (Google-map it) It has a fairly so-so blowhole, some shops and a jazz festival. Oh, and a trainline runs through it.

Take it away, Dina...

The Kiama Girls Choir - Kiama

The Kiama Girls Choir - Kiama

Mr Snookles and Shadrac Blintz

South Australian Police Band - The Beat Goes On

Hi folks. About eighteen months ago I downloaded my first album (An XYZ Cosomonaut post, I believe (bless him)) . Not long thereafter I decided to start a blog of my own so I could contibute some music of my own to the community of generous souls who had opened my eyes to a whole new vista of previously unknown music.

Sadly, I don't have the time to blog and share as much music these days. Perhaps one day I will find some more time to share some of my collection of daggy but cherished records with you all. Today, however I have something you won't find anywhere else, and to tell you about it I have my friend and co-conspirator Mr Shadrac Blintz, long-time friend (25 yrs) and witty enough to be Oscar Wilde's speech writer. Take away Shadrac...

Proceeding as I was in a south easterly direction along the Oodnadatta Highway, my auditory senses were somewhat accosted by the solid funkified sounds eminating evidently from a place of rehearsal.
Upon further inspection it became evident the music was by none other than the South Australian Policeperson's Band. Yo.
I suddenly taken with the desire to get down with my bad self, your honour, and commenced to strut my funkystuff, sho'nuff.

So If it so pleases the court, your honour, may I posit the following questions of the jury:

Who's the White musical director
That's a sex machine to all the chicks?
Ernest H. Alderslade!
You're damn right

Who're the cats that won't cop out
When there's danger all about
The South Australian Police Band
Right on

And now you too can disturb the peace, with this superlative collection of Policeband Band pop hits of the 70's.
The Playing is uniformly excellent, the uniforms are excellently playful and the excellence is playfully uniform.
Play LOUD, bro.

01 - Pathfinder's March
02 - Scott Joplin On The March
03 - Feelings
04 - March From 'A Little Suite'
05 - Montego Bay
06 - Shaft
07 - The Hustle
08 - Cortege Du Sardar
09 - Bossa Blue
10 - Deutshmaster-Regimenys-Marsch
11 - The Way We Were
12 - Sempre Fidelis (Washington Post March)

South Australian Police Band - The Beat Goes On

South Australian Police Band - The Beat Goes On

Mr Snookles and Shadrac Blintz

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Werner Muller - The Phase 4 World Of

Fine collection of tunes from Werner and his orchestra - from a rockin' up-tempo take on Mas Que Nada to a delightful Hawaiian guitar meets orchestra version of Hawaiian War Chant. Phase 4 at its finest.

01 - Mas Que Nada
02 - Fiddle Faddle
03 - Vilja-Lied
04 - Hawaiian War Chant
05 - I Love Paris
06 - Italian Festival
07 - Yours Is My Heart Alone
08 - La Cumparista
09 - Tales from the Vienna Woods
10 - Seventy Six Trombones
11 - Over The Rainbow
12 - Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2

RS only (sorry folks - no time...)
Werner Muller - The Phase 4 World Of

Mr S.

ps Thanks for all the kind (and informative) comments on so many previous posts. 'Tis much appreciated...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don Harper - Homo Electronicus

A little while back we featured some library albums by jazz violinist Don Harper. Those of you with truly exceptional memories will remember that his main claim to fame was that he was the composition tutor for Mr Snookles back in the 1980's. Well, that and his involvement with the BBC radiophonic workshop in it's glory days with Delia and Roger and co.

This album pushes the envelope as far as the electronic library genre is concerned. It contains some extended pieces of 10-15 mins duration in which the sonic possibilities of the fabulous analog synths of the day find full expression.

01 - Dr Who Theme
02 - Cold Worlds
03 - Fiddle Chop
04 - The Blue Brook
05 - Nightmare
06 - World Of Sport

Don Harper - Homo Electronicus

Don Harper - Homo Electronicus

Mr Snookles

Saturday, June 07, 2008

John Wallis - Beat Rhythms

This is one of those "Saw the cover - had to have the album" records. John wallis was an Australian James Last - wannabe band leader who put out a number of "Happy Party Vibe" records for the local market. The girl doing the funky Emu on the front lets you know that subtlety is not the foremost quality of the music. Still, good fun, and probably worth something because of its scarcity...

01 - Jaguar
02 - Patrol
03 - Charming Lady
04 - In The Air
05 - Rio Grande
06 - Fanfarita
07 - Park Lane
08 - Beach Party
09 - Big Apple
10 - Alcazar
11 - Tarragona Night
12 - On The Way Home
13 - Benny's Shake
14 - Hazienda

John Wallis - Beat Rhythms

John Wallis - Beat Rhythms

Mr Snookles

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ferrante And Teicher - Exodus

Well, its time for a spot of F&T. (a drink with jam and F'n'bread...) Exodus was a huge hit for the dynamic duo back in 1961, and this album repackages the bit hit with a number of other popular favourites of the day. The trademark glissandi pour from the speakers as Mr & Mr nimble-fingers strut their stuff, accompanied by a full orchestra.

01 - Exodus
02 - Canadian Sunset
03 - Autumn Leaves
04 - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
05 - Begin The Beguine
06 - Miserlou
07 - 'Till
08 - Warsaw Concerto
09 - Near You
10 - Quiet Village

Ferrante And Teicher - Exodus

Ferrante And Teicher - Exodus

Mr Snookles.

ps a number of folks have been making request for specific albums. Sorry folks - I don't do requests. However a number of people have asked about vol 2 of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - I don't have it myself, but if anyone else would like to upload a copy, I'm sure we'd all be grateful...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tony Mottola - Love Songs-Mexico

More Command Records goodness from Tony Mottola and the crew. A collection of tracks sourced from various command releases, all featuring Tommy doing what he does best. There is a wide variety of styles - in Manha De Carnaval Tony does his best Bola Sete impersonation, while many others have jazz overtones, and some tracks have a rustic fiesta quality.

01 - Manha De Carnaval
02 - Guadalajara
03 - Sabor A Mi
04 - Mexican Hat Dance
05 - The Girl From Ipanema
06 - Mexican Medley
07 - Besame Mucho
08 - Brasilia
09 - Maria Elena
10 - Curacao
11 - Piel Canela
12 - La Bamba

Tony Mottola - Love Songs-Mexico

Tony Mottola - Love Songs-Mexico

Mr Snookles.

ps Some folks have mentioned they have had difficulty using the lix.in system as the captcha function is unreliable. I have dispensed with it and may (or may not) get around to revising and substituted the links in all the other posts.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Terry Snyder - Persuasive Provocative Percussion

Hi there. Today's post features one of the greats of Space-Age-Pop - Terry Snyder. This album is an Australian package featuring a selection of tracks from his albums. The cover completely fails to encapsulate the nature of the music. As a percussionist, Snyder led ensembles that were akin to chamber music groups - lots of orchestral percussion plus the obligatory bongos.

Terry is joined byTony Mottola on guitar, Dick Hyman on organ, Dominic Cortese on accordian, plus a bunch of other names from the Command stable. Light, delicate textures, but with that swing and groove that makes all the difference.

01 - I'm In The Mood For Love
02 - Whatever Lola Wants
03 - Misirlou
04 - I Surrender Dear
05 - Orchids In The Moonlight
06 - I Love Paris
07 - My Heart Belongs To Daddy
08 - Tabu
09 - The Breeze And I
10 - Aloha Oe
11 - Japanese Sandman
12 - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Terry Snyder - Persuasive Provocative Percussion

Terry Snyder - Persuasive Provocative Percussion

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Shiro Michi All Stars - You And The Night

More lounge goodies from Japan with Shiro Michi and the All Stars. Also a contender for the 'Worst Cover Photo Of All Time' award - there's someting quite eerie about the faceless woman on the cover...

The music is first rate however. Shiro's guitar work highlights the delightful and sophisticated arrangements (harp, hammond and lots of orchestral percussion). Mellow, smooth and sophisticated - mix with a good martini for the perfect after-work de-stress formula...

01 - The Shadow Of Your Smile
02 - Ebb Tide
03 - Un Homme Et Une Femme
04 - Music To Watch Girls By
05 - Sunrise, Sunset
06 - Somethin' Stupid
07 - Mas Que Nada
08 - Greensleeves
09 - Strangers In The Night
10 - I Left My Heart In San Francisco
11 - Gelsomina
12 - I Really Don't Want To Know

Shiro Michi All Stars - You And The Night
Shiro Michi All Stars - You And The Night

Mr Snookles

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Phase 4 World Of Big Band Hits

Here's some swanky Big-Band jazz, recorded in that beautiful Phase 4 fidelity. Ted Heath, Stan Kenton and co. serve up a smooth but swingin' slice of easy jazz classics.

01 - Benny Goodman - One O'Clock Jump
02 - Harry James - Sleepy Lagoon
03 - Ted Heath - Opus 1
04 - Stan Kenton - Take The A Train
05 - Benny Goodman - String Of Pearls
06 - Ted Heath - Begin The Beguine
07 - Benny Goodman - Body And Soul
08 - Stan Kenton - Atistry In Rhythm
09 - Harry James - All Or Nothing At All
10 - Ted Heath - Apple Honey

Thanks for all the many kind comments left by you all. Much appreciated... Special to hello to Chris Scott whose Switched On Bacharach albums were feratured a while back. Chris dropped by and left a comment on the 'More Switched On Bacharach' post. It's always a thrill to hear from the people asociated with the albums we post. It brings them out of the dusty past and gives them new life... All the best, Chris.

Phase 4 World Of Big Band Hits

Phase 4 World Of Big Band Hits

Mr Snookles

Thursday, March 27, 2008

SDS All-Stars - Electone Fortissimo

Well, it appears that I'm a part-time blogger these days. I'm finding it harder to find the time to rip and restore the vinyl, scan the artwork and post it all on the net. Ah well, I guess it will be all the more welcome when it finally arrives.

If you downloaded the King records post form a couple of months ago, you will have already heard the SDS All-Stars. Their seven electrone organs, plus the obligatory pianos, marimbas, percussion etc combine to make a quintessential lounge sound.

"...A special studio, approximately the sound of a small telivision studio was used with the instruments arranged for the latest stereophonic recording techniques. The bass notes from two of the electronic organs were reproduced through a specially designed speaker system weighing over a ton. Higher frequencies were reproduced through a bank of cabinets housing multi-speakers placed left and right of centre stage. The piano, percusion, guitars, vibraphone etc. were spread fanwise at the rear of the stage..."

Hey, these guys went to a lot of trouble for you - you'd just better appreciate it...

01 - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
02 - Theme From Exodus
03 - March From 'The River Kwai'
04 - Around The World In 80 Days
05 - An Affair To Remember
06 - Gone With The Wind
07 - The Call Of The Far-Awy Hills
08 - Theme From A Summer Place
09 - Johnny Guitar
10 - Mon Oncle
11 - Summertime In Venice
12 - My Foolish Heart

SDS All-Stars - Electone Fortissimo
SDS All-Stars - Electone Fortissimo

Mr Snookles