Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Balalaika Favourites

Hello chaps!!

Well, the old blog's been a bit quiet - I guess I ran out of steam to keep the vinyl rips happenning. However there are some exciting developments in store for 2008 - more about that later. M. Snookles is now the proud owner of a Rega P3, the turntable of my dreams - so I think a few more vinyl rips might be coming your way soon as I put the new TT through its paces.

In the meantime, here's a spot of virtuoso Balalaika twanging, courtesy of the Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra...

01 - Fantasy On Two Folk Songs
02 - At Sunrise
03 - The Linden Tree
04 - Kamarinskaya
05 - Fantasy On Volga Melodies
06 - In The Moonlight
07 - Midnight In Moscow
08 - Under The Apple Tree
09 - Dance Of The Comedians
10 - The Living Room
11 - Evening Bells
12 - My Dear Old Friend, Please Visit me
13 - Waltz Of The Faun
14 - Flight Of The Bumblebee

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Balalaika Favourites

Mr Snookles.