Thursday, February 14, 2008

Exotic Guitars - Those Were The Days

Wow. Thanx for all the kind thoughts, well wishing and general civility expressed in the comments!!

I am compelled in the face of such reckless generosity of spirit to upload another album. I thought I'd keep the string plucking theme going, but this time our twanging hails from more familiar shores.

The Exotic Guitars regale us with a bevy of standards, with styles ranging from the resonant electro-twanging familiar to visitors to The Crime Lounge to laguid rhythms from the sun-drenched shores of Hawaii, whence our group derived its name. Enjoy...

01 - Those Were The Days
02 - The Sound Of Music
03 - A Taste Of Honey
04 - I Walk Alone
05 - Love Is Blue
06 - Autumn Leaves
07 - Twilight Time
08 - A Man And A Woman
09 - Only You
10 - Music To Watch Girls By
11 - Blue Velvet
12 - The Bells That Toll For No One

Exotic Guitars - Those Were The Days
Exotic Guitars - Those Were The Days

Mr Snookles