Thursday, February 28, 2008

Françoise Hardy - La Maison Où J’ai Grandi

This album had no title at all, but one look at those limpid eyes and pouting lips should leave you in no doubt as the chantuese responsible for this offering - it is of course the incomparable Francois Hardy.

A previous album by Françoise posted at Third Island proved to be one of the most popular downloads, with over a thousand takers from all corners of the globe. This album is quite folky, with Françoise strumming her guitar and crooning, with the occaisional string orchestra materialising out of the ether.

Her lustrous beauty helped her rise to fame, but her talent was undeniable, and her voice enchanted millions all around the globe. She is still going strong at the age of 64 (check out her official website for current pics and photos)

In 1981, she married her long-time companion Jacques Dutronc, with whom she had already had a son, Thomas Dutronc, in 1973. In May 2000, she made a comeback with the album Clair Obscur. Her son played the guitar and her husband sang the duet "Puisque Vous Partez En Voyage." Iggy Pop and Étienne Daho also participated. Hardy currently lives near Paris, while Dutronc lives in Monticello, Corsica and they are still a couple. (Thanks again Wikipedia).

Thanx to the poster who left the name of the album in the comments...

01 - Je Changerais D'Avis
02 - Si C'est Ca
03 - Rendez-Vous D'Automne
04 - Je Serai La Pour Toi
05 - Peut-Etre Que Je T'Aime
06 - Il Est Des Choses
07 - Comme
08 - Mes Jours S'en Vont
09 - Qu'ils Sont Heureux
10 - Surtout Ne Vous Reournez Pas
11 - Tu Es Un Peu A Moi
12 - La Maison Ou J'ai Grandi

Françoise Hardy
Françoise Hardy

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