Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mireille Mathieu 2

Just to confuse things, another eponymous Mireille album. After ripping the previous album I found myself playing it repeatedly and grooving to that beautiful voice - such diction! such passion!

So I dug my other Mireille album out of the vaults and started listening to it as well - and here it is. A couple of double-up tracks with the first, but lots of FAB French chanson to be enjoyed.

M. le Snookles j'taime le fromage a al Francais!

01 - Quand Tu T'en Iras
02 - Alors Nous Deux
03 - Ce Soir Ils Vont S'Aimer
04 - Geant
05 - Paris En Colere
06 - Soldats San Armies
07 - La Chanson De Notre Amour
08 - Pour Un Coeur Sans Amour
09 - En Chantant French-Music
10 - La Vielle Barque
11 - En Ecoutant Mon Coeur Chanter
12 - Adieu A La Nuit

Mireille Mathieu 2
Mireille Mathieu 2

M. Snookles