Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mireille Mathieu

Watch out, there's a chanteuse on the loose.

Try mixing together Francois Hardy and Shirley Bassey and you'll get some idea of the vocal talents of Mireille. In her forty-year career she has sold about 150 million copies of her albums , recorded about 1200 songs in nine languages. She was also the first western singer in history to give concerts in China. (thanks Wikipedia)

This album is probably not her best, but does have a few stand-out songs. Her cover of "the Last Waltz" (La Derneire Valse) was a big hit in England, and Bacharach's "The Look Of Love" (Les Yeux De L'amour) is as fine an arrangement as you could wish to hear. Some other tunes have less Ingenue and more anthem a-la-Fancais about them - not so much to my taste. Still this girl has a voice you just have to hear...

01 - La Derneire Valse
02 - La Vielle Barque
03 - Quand Fer-T- Il Jour Camarade
04 - En Ecoutant Mon Coeur Chanter
05 - Ponts De Paris
06 - Un Monde Avec Toi
07 - Les Yeux De L'amour
08 - La Chanson De Notre Amour
09 - Chant Olympique
10 - Seuls Au Monde
11 - Quelqu'un Pour Toi
12 - L'amour

Mireille Mathieu
Mireille Mathieu

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