Monday, February 18, 2008

Waikiki Beach Boys - Breeze Of Hawaii

Well, as we continue our "Plucking Around The World" odyssey we come to the slide guitars and ukeles of Hawaii. This album is one of 100 or so I picked up in an Op-shop (thift store) mega-crawl on the weekend (50c each or 5 for a dollar!!).

It had the wrong cover with it which I dutifully scanned and added to the package before I realised my mistake. The image you see came from the net, so is lamentably tiny. The vinyl is in good condition, however, and the playing is first class.

So, if you are enjoying a southern hemispere summer pour a chilled Mai-Tai, hop in the hammock and soak it up. All your poor, shivering Northern Hemispherers will have to turn up the heater a couple of notches, close your eyes and use your imagination...

PS check the comments for a larger photo courtesy of twilight58

01 - Honolulu
02 - My Tane
03 - Poinciana
04 - Hawaiian Dreamboat
05 - Paradise
06 - Hilo Kiss
07 - Menehune March
08 - Ka-Lu-a
09 - Breeze Of Hawaii
10 - Pidgin English Hula
11 - Moonlight
12 - Hawaiian War Chant

Waikiki Beach Boys - Breeze Of Hawaii

Waikiki Beach Boys - Breeze Of Hawaii

Mr Snookles