Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don Harper - Homo Electronicus

A little while back we featured some library albums by jazz violinist Don Harper. Those of you with truly exceptional memories will remember that his main claim to fame was that he was the composition tutor for Mr Snookles back in the 1980's. Well, that and his involvement with the BBC radiophonic workshop in it's glory days with Delia and Roger and co.

This album pushes the envelope as far as the electronic library genre is concerned. It contains some extended pieces of 10-15 mins duration in which the sonic possibilities of the fabulous analog synths of the day find full expression.

01 - Dr Who Theme
02 - Cold Worlds
03 - Fiddle Chop
04 - The Blue Brook
05 - Nightmare
06 - World Of Sport

Don Harper - Homo Electronicus

Don Harper - Homo Electronicus

Mr Snookles