Wednesday, August 20, 2008

David Carroll - Percussion in Hi Fi

This is a nice companion post to the earlier 'Dancing 30's in Percussion'. Pure card-carrying Space-Age Pop. Shadrac says...

From the look and sound this is the mono version of the album put up by Liquorice Pizza a while ago. A comment in LP's post states "The mono version of this LP is not just a different mix -- it's actually different takes of each track! I am VERY familiar with the version of "Chimes Of Swing" on the mono LP (for reasons which I won't go into here) and was blown out of my chair to hear a completely different solo and end tag on your needle-drop of the stereo LP"

So here is the other version of the LP.

Musically it's a journey through wacky exotica/space-age bachelor-pad style percussion. A veritable raft of xylophones, vibes, crazy bongos maracas etc along with some neat guitar playing, and possibly the only blues solo ever recorded on tubular bells...

01 - Hell's Bells
02 - Bali Hai
03 - The Chimes of Swing
04 - Maleguena
05 - Discussion in Percussion
06 - Controversy
07 - The Cricket
08 - Jungle Drums
09 - The Pyrenees
10 - Madrid
11 - Bullfight
12 - Finale Flamenco

David Carroll - Percussion in Hi Fi

David Carroll - Percussion in Hi Fi

Shadrac Blintz