Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mike Sammes Singers - Finian's Rainbow

Just when I thought I was done posting for the evening, Shadders has twisted my arm and convinced me that this is the Mike Sammes album that you must own. It is somewhat different to the usual ultra-smooth vocal stylings one has come to expect from MSS, however, with a couple of listenings (and a couple of margaritas) I have come round to the opinion that it does have a certain "je na se qua". Shadders has this to say...

This took a while for me to get into not being familiar with 'Finian's Rainbow'. Somehow I had it mixed up with Brigadoon...

Of course the performances by MSS's are spot on, some of the arrangements reflect slightly the groovier aspects of the 60's

Blase Machin has this to say "...Walt Disney's famous conductor (Salvadore "Tutti") Camarata directs the Mike Sammes Singers in an enchanting album of one of America's brightest, wittiest and most cheerful musicals."

For me one of the highlights is the easy-bossa arrangement of 'Old Devil Moon'.

You know you want it....

Mike Sammes Singers - Finian's Rainbow

Mike Sammes Singers - Finian's Rainbow

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