Friday, August 15, 2008

Mrs Miller - Mrs Miller's Greatest Hits

The name is Blintz!, Shadrac Blintz.

Mr Snookles has invited me to Third Island to share some scintillating tidbits of cultural detritus I have stumbled upon in my travels to boot sales, op-shops and trash-n-treasure stalls.

As old Snooko has hinted, my musical taste, while steeped in the magnificent tasteful martini-soaked era of easy listening and lounge, stretches the envelope, somewhat, to include gems of the utterly tasteless, the long forgotten and sundry Difficult Listenings.

I adore LPs that are incomprehensibly uncool and even appallingly bad (see the majestic Kiama Girls Choir, Jamie Redfern etc) and one such is Mrs. Miller’s Greatest Hits

Where does one start with Mrs Miller? has this to say

In April 1966, under the roar of Vietnam and a raging counter-culture, emerged a singer like no other. Off-pitch and off-tempo, a 59 year-old grandmother would perform rock standards such as "Hard Days Night", "Downtown", and "These Boots and Made for Walking" in a bizarre operatic style. Often considered the worst pop star of all time, she rode the line between farce and reality, as the reputable Capitol Records promoted the so-called "new sound" without cracking a smile. Her name was Elva Connes Miller, but on stage she was known simply as Mrs. Miller.”

If you’re not prepared for the moment when she starts to, for want of a better word, “sing” the timeless classic Downtown, then take care not to inhale your margarita.

Actually this copy belongs to our friend Ivanskipoo and, as you can see, the cling-wrap was still on it I thought it prudent to leave it on. As an extra bonus, the inner sleeve is a genuine classic 1966 Capitol Records advert.

Normally I’d say “download and enjoy” but in this case, perhaps “download and endure” is more appropriate.

01 - Downtown
02 - The Shadow Of Your Smile
03 - Hard Days Night
04 - Dear Heart
05 - Chim Chiminee
06 - These Boots Are Made For Walking
07 - Lover's Concerto
08 - Let's Hang On
09 - Catch A Falling
10 - Gonna Be Like That
11 - My Love

Mrs Miller - Mrs Miller's Greatest Hits

Mrs Miller - Mrs Miller's Greatest Hits

Shadrac Blintz