Saturday, August 09, 2008

South Australian Police Band - The Beat Goes On

Hi folks. About eighteen months ago I downloaded my first album (An XYZ Cosomonaut post, I believe (bless him)) . Not long thereafter I decided to start a blog of my own so I could contibute some music of my own to the community of generous souls who had opened my eyes to a whole new vista of previously unknown music.

Sadly, I don't have the time to blog and share as much music these days. Perhaps one day I will find some more time to share some of my collection of daggy but cherished records with you all. Today, however I have something you won't find anywhere else, and to tell you about it I have my friend and co-conspirator Mr Shadrac Blintz, long-time friend (25 yrs) and witty enough to be Oscar Wilde's speech writer. Take away Shadrac...

Proceeding as I was in a south easterly direction along the Oodnadatta Highway, my auditory senses were somewhat accosted by the solid funkified sounds eminating evidently from a place of rehearsal.
Upon further inspection it became evident the music was by none other than the South Australian Policeperson's Band. Yo.
I suddenly taken with the desire to get down with my bad self, your honour, and commenced to strut my funkystuff, sho'nuff.

So If it so pleases the court, your honour, may I posit the following questions of the jury:

Who's the White musical director
That's a sex machine to all the chicks?
Ernest H. Alderslade!
You're damn right

Who're the cats that won't cop out
When there's danger all about
The South Australian Police Band
Right on

And now you too can disturb the peace, with this superlative collection of Policeband Band pop hits of the 70's.
The Playing is uniformly excellent, the uniforms are excellently playful and the excellence is playfully uniform.
Play LOUD, bro.

01 - Pathfinder's March
02 - Scott Joplin On The March
03 - Feelings
04 - March From 'A Little Suite'
05 - Montego Bay
06 - Shaft
07 - The Hustle
08 - Cortege Du Sardar
09 - Bossa Blue
10 - Deutshmaster-Regimenys-Marsch
11 - The Way We Were
12 - Sempre Fidelis (Washington Post March)

South Australian Police Band - The Beat Goes On

South Australian Police Band - The Beat Goes On

Mr Snookles and Shadrac Blintz