Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent - The Two Of Us

F.A.B. Damned FAB!!!
Tony and Jackie; at it like knives....
For all you Hatchlings it just doesn't get more NOW than this.

Whilst looking like a couple of newly-weds waiting for an appointment outside the bank manager's office, Tony & Jackie show why they are the inscrutable groove gurus.

This LP is smooth, damned smooth. Yet its edge cuts like a knife through fudge, soft fudge.
Obvious highlights are the hip-swingin' "I Must Know"(Are YOU the kind of lady I wanna spend my life with? mmm, you betcha, Tony!) and the groovy Route 66. Hip-as-f*@k-acid-flashback casualties will be grooning to the sitarbeat-meets-the-Byrds-at-Granny-Takes-a-Trip "Morning Dew".
Then there's the big band pops of the ultra cool "The Joker" (which astute Aussie's will recognise from Kath & Kim TV Series).

Finally, the familiarity of "The Two us". It became a number one record in Australia and still is as far as Mr snookles and I are concerned.

01 - I Must Know
02 - Play It Again
03 - Don't Stop Now
04 - Morning Dew
05 - Work Song
06 - Thank You For Loving Me
07 - Route 66
08 - Living It up Again
09 - The Fool On The Hill
10 - The Joker
11 - Country Girl and City Man
12 - The Two Of us

Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent - The Two Of Us

Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent - The Two Of Us

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