Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tony Hatch - Mr & Mrs Music

More specialness from Shadrac, this time the 'British Burt Bacharach' - Tony Hatch. Here's what Shadders has to say...


Tony Hatch, English composer, songwriter, pianist, music arranger, and producer.

Composed zillions of classic 60’s hits like "Downtown" (memorably covered by Gameskeeper Willy of the Simpsons “Doontoon..”), "Don’t Sleep in the Subway" (excellent advice, Tony) and oodles of memorable TV themes from "Crossroads" to "Emmerdale Farm" and of course "Neighbours".

The version of Downtown on this album is a swingin’ big band arrangement sung by Tony’s uvver ‘alf, the ever lovely Jackie Trent. In fact none of the hits contained herein are the original versions, but are none the less genuine Tony Hatch arrangements.

Pure class.

01 - The Two of Us
02 - The Fool on the Hill
03 - Beautiful in the Rain
04 - Who am I
05 - A Man and a Woman
06 - Live for Love
07 - Make it Easy on Yourself
08 - Memories of Summer
09 - Who Can I Turn To
10 - Play it Again
11 - Little Green Apples
12 - Got to Get Him into My Life
13 - Norwegian Wood
14 - Downtown
15 - Love is Blue
16 - Thankyou for Loving Me
17 - Joanna
18 - Call Me
19 - There's a Boat Leavin Soon
20 - Up Up and Away

Tony Hatch - Mr & Mrs Music

Tony Hatch - Mr & Mrs Music

Shadrac Blintz