Friday, August 29, 2008

Werner Muller - Budenzauber

Good morning.

As we reflect upon our previous evening's postings, we cannot help noticing the quality of the prose in the comments added to each post changing as the evening progressed.... I'm sure T.S. Elliott used a similar martini-fueled method to achieve his finest efforts. Oh well - you need to let your fur down once in a while.

Still, in the sober light of dawn I notice that a couple of albums intended to be upped last night never made it because of our inability to perform any action except closing our eyes and laying in a prone position after 11pm. So, here's Werner in his earlier Shlager-Schlock phase dishing out the sunshine pop for your next party. Swill your steins and sing along to Downtown and Pretty Woman...and don't forget to wear that coloured sweater that Auntie Mabel knitted for you in 1972...

01 - America
02 - Medley
03 - Hello Dolly
04 - Downtown
05 - Schon, Schon
06 - Humbta Tatera
07 - Budenzauber
08 - Memphis Tennessee
09 - Teenagers Ragtime
10 - Spanish Harlem
11 - Whistle Stop
12 - Guitar On The Rocks
13 - Pretty Woman
14 - Schaffe, Schaffe, Hausie Baue

Werner Muller - Budenzauber

Werner Muller - Budenzauber

Mr Snookles and Shadrac Blintz