Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wilbur Kentwell - Organ Contrasts

Meanwhile, Australian organ maestro, Wilbur Kentwell was brewing his next multi-manual-masterpiece "Organ Contrasts".

Becoming famous, momentarily, in the 60s as 'the poet of the Wurlitzer', Wilb's is here actually laying down his chops upon the Conn Theatre Organ.

Swoon to the compelling swells as Wilbur executes such classics as 'The Nun's Chorus' from, er, Casanova (First Nun "Ohhh, what was it like for you?" Second Nun "Ohhh, what was it like for you?" etc. etc.) and 'Stranglers in the Night'; not to mention 'Goodnight Sweetheart' and 'Consider Yourself'.

While the Hammond is the lounge organ du jour for the discerning listener, The Conn Theatre Organ with its many timbres ranging from bell-like chimes to church-organ bellows is a worthy addition to any lounge-lover's keyboard palette.

I might also mention that this album was washed twice (and scrubbed with Shadrac's toothbrush Hem Hem) and played repeatedly to dislodge the gunk as it was in a sorry state when it first arrived at Mr Snookles Aural Goodness Extraction Factory.

So you'd better damn well appreciate it.....

01 - A World Of Our Own
02 - Love Is Blue
03 - Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac Time
04 - I Left My Heart in San Fransisco
05 - The Nun's Chorus (From 'Casanova')
06 - The Sound Of Music
07 - Strangers In The Night
08 - My Kind Of Girl
09 - Goodnight Sweetheart
10 - Consider Yourself

Wilbur Kentwell - Organ Contrasts
Wilbur Kentwell - Organ Contrasts

Mr Snookles and Shadrac Blintz.