Monday, October 13, 2008

Alf Barrie - A Lei Of Stars

Whilst away on his travels Mr Snookles uncovered a treasure trove of 20 Hawaiian-themed albums, so expect a few exotica posts in the next few weeks.

First up Alf Barrie and the HMI (Hawaiian Music Ind.) All-Stars serve up some laid-back steel guitar and vibes. They avoid the standards, and serve up some intriguing tunes that take some odd and unexpected angles.

01 - A Lei Of Stars
02 - Moonlight In Waikiki
03 - For Ever And Ever
04 - Evening In The Islands
05 - The One Rose
06 - South Sea Island Magic
07 - That's The Hawaiian In Me
08 - The Hands I Love
09 - Sea And Sand
10 - Soft Green Seas
11 - Maui Girl
12 - Serenade To Nalani

Alf Barrie - A Lei Of Stars

Alf Barrie - A Lei Of Stars

Mr Snookles